Jordan Clarkson Wants To Remain With Lakers In Spite Of NBA Trade Rumors [Opinion]

Jordan Clarkson has made it be known that he wants to stay with the Los Angeles Lakers. The fourth-year combo guard wants a chance to show the Lakers that he can work well with D’Angelo Russell and whomever gets taken with the No. 2 overall draft pick.

That pick will likely be either Lonzo Ball or De’Aaron Fox. Both Ball and Fox play point guard, thus leaving Clarkson in a reserve role if he is kept. The issue that Jordan Clarkson would have if the Lakers choose to take a guard is second-year wing Brandon Ingram.

Ingram will be getting the bulk of the minutes at shooting guard. There is a great chance that he will be the starter when the season starts. If the Lakers draft Lonzo Ball or De’Aaron Fox, they will push to be the starting point guard. That leaves a just a few minutes to divvy up between Jordan Clarkson and D’Angelo Russell. The Los Angeles Lakers are unlikely to keep them both, therefore one may leave via trade.

As soon as the results of the NBA draft lottery were revealed, there were NBA trade rumors with Clarkson’s and Russell’s names attached to them. It was as if the immediate thought was that the Lakers were going to draft Ball. The possibility of Ball getting drafted by the Lakers means there would be not enough playing time for everyone else.

Jordan Clarkson shoots a layup.

Jordan Clarkson does not want the Los Angeles Lakers to trade anyone. According to the Orange County Register, Clarkson believes everyone can coexist if they are kept together. This despite likely being relegated to the bench if the Lakers keep him. Clarkson has enough confidence in himself where he believes he can thrive in any role.

“It’s funny because people just talk. It is what it is. It’s part of the game. It’s part of the world now. If I’m going to be a sixth man, I’m going to go for Sixth Man of the Year. If I’m a starter, I’m definitely trying to be a great player either way. If it happens, whatever way it is, I’m going to be great at it.”

Some tweaks in philosophy would have to be made if the Lakers hold onto everyone. But those adjustments would not be as outrageous as many would think.

The first change that the Lakers would have to make is to switch Brandon Ingram back to small forward. Doing so would allow D’Angelo Russell to start at shooting guard. At 6-foot-5 Russell would be a smallish two-guard, but he has the length to make up for it.

Clarkson would be installed as the Lakers’ sixth man, where he wants to win, as reported by Silver Screen and Roll, the Sixth Man of the Year award if the Lakers thrust him into that role.

Despite Jordan Clarkson’s hopes to remain with the Los Angeles Lakers, the chances are high that the Lakers will entertain offers for Clarkson in an attempt to deal him.

[Featured Image by Harry How/Getty Images]