Who Is Harry Styles’ ‘Carolina’ Girl? She’s Named Townes In The Song: It’s A Short Love Story [Opinion]

Harry Styles’ song “Carolina” was about a specific young lady who hails from Greenwood, South Carolina. Fans who were a bit confused by the random word “towns” in the lyrics are learning that Townes is the name of the girl from Carolina.

“She never saw herself as a west coaster,
Moved all the way ’cause her grandma told her,
Towns, better swim before you drown.”

Harry Styles’ “Carolina” girl is Townes Adair Jones. She is the sister of actress Gilland Jones. Gilland has a recurring role on The Wizards of Waverly Place as Jenny Majorheely, according to IMDb. Townes is a 20-year-old UCLA student studying French and Philosophy, according to the Daily Mail.

Harry Styles met Townes Adair Jones after being set up on a blind date by friends of Townes’ sister Gilland. Harry and Townes only went out one time, but Styles was apparently impressed.

Harry Styles was on a break from recording his album and wanted a date for the evening. Believe it or not, it is hard for guys like Harry Styles to meet girls, or have relationships because they are so busy.

Harry Styles “Carolina” is a sweet and very respectful song. It’s actually very complementary.

“She’s got a family in Carolina,
So far away, but she says I remind her of home,
Feeling oh so far from home.”

Harry Styles’ “Carolina” girl Townes Jones is very close to her family, and no doubt misses her home. Jones’s father is a retired judge who still lives in South Carolina. Her mom is in the fashion business.

Townes and her three sisters were home-schooled in South Carolina, and the family liked to travel and vacation. Home-schooling can make for very close knit families. Thankfully, Townes sister Gilland Jones is also in Los Angeles.

Harry Styles makes it clear that he admires Townes’ intellect and social ease, not just her beauty. Styles seems to empathize with her homesickness for South Carolina as well.

Towns Adair Jones apparently did say Harry Styles reminded her of home, probably because Harry is so polite and easy to talk to. It probably wasn’t the accent.

Harry Styles One Direction Debuts Carolina on the Today Show
Harry Styles One Direction Debuts Carolina on the Today Show [Image by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP Images]

Harry Styles pointed out that Townes “had a book for every situation.” This, too, is true of Townes according to a friend of hers who spoke to the Daily Mail and asked not to be named.

“She is a bookworm, she’s super smart and reads a lot, so that’s why the song says that,”

Harry Styles and Townes Adair Jones never went out again, but Styles has called since the album came out. Harry and Townes are on friendly terms, but Townes Jones is currently in a relationship with someone else it seems, according to Townes friend who spoke with the Daily Mail.

“She never imagined he’d do something like this. She loves the song, and thinks it was very lovely of him to do it but doesn’t really want any of the attention that comes along with it. She is a very private person and didn’t want to go around telling everyone about this, while eight million other girls probably would.”

Was Harry Styles out of line to name Townes in a song? Is it likely to invade her privacy or upset her life? The Washington Post is concerned for Townes, fearing she will end up as tabloid fodder, but Townes is handling things with a lot of savvy. She’s not granting interviews, and she is allowing information to come out naturally.

One Direction's Harry Styles wearing pink
One Direction's Harry Styles [Image by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP Images]

As Townes’ friend told Daily Mail, it is a cute story, and it is, but it doesn’t have to be one that defines her life.

“The story is as cute as the song is, she thinks it’s adorable, really sweet, but she was really surprised by the gesture.”


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Harry Styles wrote a sweet song about a nice South Carolina girl named Townes, whom he only dated once.

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