Happy Father’s Day To President Trump: America’s Daddy [Opinion]

On Father’s Day, it is important to take the time to honor not only our biological fathers but our national ones as well. Throughout our nation’s history, we have been able to appreciate the hard work and enduring guidance of our founding fathers – the likes of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and John Adams. As of November 2016, we may add a new name to that list: Donald J. Trump. Since his election, President Trump has taken material steps to reign in the bedlam this country has fallen into over the past few years and bring order, discipline, and dignity back to America. Although referring to then-candidate Donald Trump as “Daddy” started out as a tongue-in-cheek joke among younger Trump voters, this moniker has proven to fit the man.

America’s Youth Needs Guidance And Tough Love

So many young people have grown up receiving participation trophies, lectures on self-esteem, and insulation from any form of criticism and accountability, only to be thrown into the real world with little resources or useful lessons learned. The most unfortunate of us will first be coddled in university safe spaces, where we will be taught by liberal professors that feelings matter more than facts and bigotry is nothing more than refusing to go along with the increasingly extreme and bizarre feminist and social justice warrior standards of language, actions, and discourse. Many of us have decided that enough is enough. In 2016, Millenials needed a strong father figure that would give us the constructive criticism we so desperately needed to become strong, useful, and competent adults. When Donald Trump came along, we knew exactly who to call “Daddy.”

Spoiled child wearing a crown pouts

The Origins Of Calling Trump “Daddy”

While it is difficult to determine for sure when and by whom this trend was initiated, it can be observed that its popularity took off after controversial conservative commentator Milo Yiannopoulos started using the term during the 2016 election. In an April 2016 article written for Breitbart News, Milo urges “Never Trump” Republicans, who strongly preferred other candidates like Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz to Donald Trump, to get behind the likely nominee in order to prevent Hillary Clinton from winning the presidency.

“It’s time to fall in line behind the patriarch and see what happens.”

Milo isn’t the only public figure who has given this assessment of Donald Trump. In an article critical of the notion, the National Review notes that Michael Cohen, who had served as Trump’s Special Counsel and as Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization before becoming a spokesperson for President Trump, views his boss as a father figure.

“To those of us who are close to Mr. Trump, he is more than our boss. He is our patriarch.”

Even fierce Trump critic and Hillary Clinton mega-fan Lena Dunham admitted that she sees Trump as a father. The Daily Dot reports that Dunham posted a poem on Instagram stating that “we are all his daughters,” describing herself as a rebellious child of our country’s leader. After a social media uproar, Dunham deleted the post but made it clear that she had only done so to mollify critics.

Why President Trump Is America’s Daddy

The fact that both fans and opponents of Donald Trump can call him “Daddy” shows that this man really is a father figure to a nation desperately craving responsible leadership. Like a strict and caring father, Trump promised to close our borders to criminals who may harm the country, stop other countries from taking advantage of us in trade, and “drain the swamp” of corrupt Washington politicians.

Unlike past presidents who let globalist interests dictate their policies, Donald Trump promised to put America first. Instead of bowing down to foreign leaders and international entities like the EU and NATO, Trump pledged to stand up and defend the United States’ interests. Instead of letting university campuses and Hollywood celebrities dictate what was “politically correct,” Trump promised to speak the raw truth. Instead of vainly virtue signaling, he was willing to realistically identify problems and frankly name our enemies so that we could finally make America great again.

Donald Trump stands on stage with his family at Trump Tower after announcing his candidacy for president

Since he has taken office, Trump’s actions have truly reflected a fatherly concern for a troubled nation. According to the Washington Times, just three days after being sworn in as president, Donald Trump pulled us out of the disastrous Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. Trump was one of the few candidates who displayed a long-time opposition to the deal, stating in a November 2015 interview with Breitbart News, “The only people that are supporting it politically are people that are controlled by the lobbyists for certain companies that want this to happen because it’s to their advantage, not to the country’s advantage.”

Trump’s dismissal of the TPP is not the only example of our president strongly standing up for American interests. When Trump finally met with NATO leaders in May, he did not shy away from calling out member nations for not paying their fair share, according to the Inquisitr. After remarking on the expensive and lavish new NATO facilities, Trump gave a speech highlighting member nations’ lack of contribution to defense, noting that their lack of financial commitment is “not fair to the people and taxpayers of the United States.”

In terms of national security, Trump was bold and deliberate in naming the threat of radical Islamic terrorism and of noting the dangers of importing massive amounts of migrants and refugees into western countries without proper vetting, noting on several occasions that, because of Europe’s unwise policies, “France is no longer France.” Although Trump’s travel ban has been thwarted by federal courts, he plans to take it all the way to the Supreme Court, according to the Hill.

The Success Of Trump’s Kids Show That He Is A Good Dad

Trump is not only America’s daddy, he is the father of five successful and well-balanced children. In a world where it has become almost commonplace to hear stories of billionaire’s children getting into trouble with the law and falling into drug and alcohol addiction, Donald Trump’s children are a notable exception. In a People magazine interview, Eric Trump credits his father with providing a normal and stable upbringing for his children, stating “He’s been protecting us from the public eye for a long time.” According to the Washington Times, Trump raised his kids with discipline, making it clear that using alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes was unacceptable.

As Donald Trump settles into his role as president, we can expect more acts of protection and guidance for America. With Trump, America finally has a leader again. Lena Dunham is right. We are all Trump’s sons and daughters. While some of us may rebel and resist his efforts to properly rear us, deep down we all know that our father’s attempts at discipline come from love, not hate. So Happy Father’s Day, President Trump. Your children appreciate you, whether we realize or not.

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