Why Is Jim Harbaugh Eyeing Michelle And Barack Obama For Honorary Michigan Football Captains? [Opinion]

Is Jim Harbaugh really interested in making Michelle and Barack Obama honorary Michigan football captains or is there a message that goes along with this thought? The Michigan Wolverines’ head coach is getting ready to extend an invitation to Barack and Michelle Obama to serve as honorary football captains this season, but why?

Politicus USA suggests that despite Barack and Michelle Obama not living in the White House today, “they are still considered the first family to millions of Americans.” The article from Politicus also suggests that Harbaugh may also share in the nation’s lack of popularity when it comes to President Trump. This, they claim, would make him one of many who would like to see the Obama family back in the White House.

This article sounds as if Harbaugh may have a message to pass along, but then again… maybe not. Harbaugh has honorary captains for his team each season, but they are usually from a pool of celebrities or sports stars. Usher has already agreed to act as honorary captain for the Wolverines for the 2017 season, but Harbaugh has his eyes on adding two more, Mr. and Mrs. O.

According to ESPN, in the past, Michael Jordan and Tom Brady have been honorary coaches. While the honorary position is nothing new, reaching out to the former president and first lady to fill these spots is a new approach from this head coach. He hasn’t asked as of yet, but he did say that he’s “in the process of making an official ask.” Apparently, this has been suggested to him by a few people as Harbaugh says, “There’s been, ‘Hey, we’d like you to do it,’ and now we’re doing official asks.”

With all the publicity around his intentions, you would expect that the Obama duo knows that this invitation is coming by now. Harbaugh has made headline news with his sights set on Michelle and Barack Obama in these honorary positions, so unless the Obama husband and wife team have been trekking through Antarctica, they know about Harbaugh’s intentions.

This comes on the heels of Harbaugh spending “39 wonderful minutes” with Obama on Wednesday, which is what he said about his time with the former president when he made a trip to Washington. This visit is seen in an image posted in the tweet above. It was Harbaugh’s son who posted this picture online. His son, Jay, is the Wolverines’ running backs coach. He was there for those “wonderful 39 minutes” as well. While visiting with Obama, Harbaugh said he got to see Michelle Obama too.

Harbaugh inviting the Obama couple to be honorary coaches doesn’t seem to be politically based, as nothing has come from him to suggest this. What it does seem is that this head coach really likes the Obama couple and would love to see them take on this honor.

[Featured Image by Andrew Medichini/AP Images]