‘Big Brother 19’ Fans Debate Whether It’s Fair To Judge The Players By Their Political Views [Opinion]

Big Brother 19 fans debate on Twitter on whether it is fair to judge new houseguests based on their political views. The BB19 fans were divided how they felt about it, too. Many felt that it was okay to judge the new houseguests based on their political views. However, others felt that the summer reality show should be a break from politics.

On Friday, June 16, Big Brother alum, Evel Dick posted on Twitter that anyone that talks about politics should have to sit in an ejector seat giving the viewers the option to send them out of the game.

It’s Natural To Judge Others

Here’s the thing, it is entirely natural to judge someone when their views are different than yours. Right now, our country is divided. While Donald Trump has many supporters, millions of people oppose him.

While, in a perfect world, it would be nice if it didn’t carry over to Big Brother 19, that isn’t likely.

Think about it; it’s been a rough year for both Democrats and Republicans. The Democrats feel as if Trump can do whatever he wants and will never pay for his mistakes. The Republicans believe Trump should be given a chance. Neither side is willing to compromise.

How Will It Affect Big Brother 19?

Many of the Big Brother 19 casting leaks have included the players’ political stance as part of their descriptions. It’s obvious that it will affect the season, at least somewhat. In those times when there’s nothing to talk about, the houseguests will probably have a friendly (or not) political debate.

Nowadays, it seems like everything can be made political. Things that wouldn’t have been a political discussion now turns into a war. For example, just assume that there is a story in the new about a story about a little girl who refuses to go to school. Ordinarily, you’d see replies to the story stating the parents should spank her, or they should take her to a therapist to find out why she doesn’t want to go to school. However, in the past few months, it turned into a political war. The comments today would say something about the liberal or conservative parents.

There needs to be a division somewhere. If the Big Brother 19 fans can’t separate politics from the show, then it may be a long season, full of heated debates and hostility—both on and off the show.

Big Brother 19 fans, do you think politics will have a role in the series this summer?

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