Barron Trump Bullied By Attention-Starved Professor Via Twitter? [Opinion]

Barron Trump is an 11-year-old kid, and that should be enough knowledge for a Harvard grad-turned-Northeastern University professor to stay clear of bullying this age group. At the moment, a woman named Jodi Beggs is not held in high regard across social media by both Trump supporters and non-supporters. She crossed the line.

She dropped a tweet about Barron Trump regarding a T-shirt he was wearing when arriving in Washington via Marine One. The first son was stepping off the helicopter when his shirt caught the eye of the nation. Just that fact that it sold out at stores within the next several hours seems to indicate how adored this kid is by the masses. Somehow this highly-educated woman took issue with the way Barron looked in this T-shirt. She actually said that he looked like a “jerk.”

While it is not known if Beggs is a Donald Trump supporter, she eventually does go after Donald and Melania Trump in her gripe about the T-shirt, as the backlash came fast and furious from the masses on Twitter. Her initial tweet suggests she had “just thrown up in my mouth a little” after eyeing Barron Trump’s T-shirt. The shirt had the words “The Expert” printed across his chest, reports the Independent Journal Review.

People came right back at her, asking her why she would pick on a kid, but their tone was beyond inquisitive — people were peeved. She didn’t apologize for her nasty tweet, but instead, she tried to rationalize it in her next tweet. A picture of Beggs appears below in a tweet from the Daily Mail.

Taking a stand that almost sounded like she thought she was doing Barron a favor, she tweets that she wishes someone would tell Barron not to wear things that make him “look like a jerk.” Adding how someone should tell him “since he doesn’t get it.” What is that suppose to mean, he doesn’t get it? As far as the masses are concerned, there’s nothing to get; he wore a T-shirt that sported a fun saying, and people loved it.

Then the backlash came even harder, so she made another attempt at redirecting her original tweet to Barron’s parents.

“Hey Twitter,” she said as she went on to convey that she is judging the folks who purchased the T-shirt and then gave it to him to wear in a public place.

Maybe she felt this would get her off the hook because, at this point, people are furious that she is bullying a kid. Now, she decides it’s the people who gave him the shirt who should be chastised.

Does she know something about a different meaning behind “The Expert” that no one else does? It is not as if this is a derogatory statement, so what is she talking about?

Another tweet claims she only owes an apology to Barron, and he hasn’t asked yet. Bingo! There it is. Apparently, this woman is starved for attention. This was a point that some Twitter users brought up: she is looking for “attention.” Was she hoping to catch the eye of this preteen so he would demand an apology?

That’s one way to get your 15 minutes of fame, but this Boston-based behavioral economist might have a bit of a wait. Even Donald and Melania Trump didn’t give her a crumb of acknowledgment with so much as a mention of how disturbing it is for an educated woman to bully a kid online. It didn’t matter what the child’s name is, she was targeting a kid; Barron is only 11.

Twitter users are bound and determined for the university that employs this woman to hear about her bullying, as seen in the tweet below.

Others thought this woman was looking for attention, like the tweet below.

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