Left Wing Terrorism: Evergreen State College Protests Of Professor Bret Weinstein Attack Free Speech [Opinion]

After Evergreen State College cry-bullies demanded that white students and professors participate in a “Day of Absence & Presence” walkout, they received a rude awakening when biology professor Bret Weinstein refused to kowtow to their ridiculous demands.

After Weinstein penned a letter to the faculty of the Washington school explaining his reasons for opposing the plan, leftist students reacted by intimidating him in class, barricading themselves inside a library, and bullying the embarrassingly weak-willed university president into submission to at least some of their stipulations, according to the Washington Times. Sadly, this incident does not stand in isolation and is just the latest example of universities abandoning a tradition of open learning and equitable representation of ideas for a new path of sheepishly appeasing the loudest whiners.

In recent months, college campuses, once havens of free thought and education, have become violent hubs of coerced conformity. From the riots and property damage incited at Berkeley after Milo Yiannopoulos was invited to speak at the University of California to the outright abuse of college professors and administration at Washington’s Evergreen State College, there is a definite trend towards the persecution of those who refuse to drink the progressive kool aid.

However, in Professor Bret Weinstein’s case, even self-professed “progressives” are not immune from vicious attacks from the left.

Protesters dressed in black break glass at Berkeley riot protesting Milo Yiannopoulos speech

Bret Weinstein Bravely Opposes “Day Of Absence & Day Of Presence”

According to local news outlet Q13 Fox, the “Day of Absence” is a yearly event in which minorities refuse to attend class in order to call attention to apparent racial inequalities. This year, however, they decided a new twist was in order: demand that white students and professors not attend class. In an interview with Fox News‘ Tucker Carlson, Bret Weinstein explained that although the college was not forcing white individuals to leave class as an official rule, it was made very clear on a social level that any white person who did not participate would be socially outcast.

Weinstein appeared to recognize the extreme injustice of this social pressure, stating in a carefully-worded letter written to Evergreen State College faculty that, “Nobody should tell another group to leave campus and then stigmatize them if they decide not to go.” The biology professor also added the following.

“On a college campus, one’s right to speak — or to be — should never be based on skin color.”

According to Q13 Fox, Weinstein also disagreed with talks of new hiring practices that included “equity hiring” based on race, stating that he believes professors should be hired on the basis of skill.

Instead of actually considering what the self-described “progressive” professor had to say, students responded in anger, breaking all semblance of campus order to aggressively storm Bret Weinstein’s classroom about a month after he wrote the email, according to Q13 Fox. The approximately 50 protesters who showed up to berate Weinstein were not “peaceful” as such individuals so often claim to be. Rather, they shouted at him, demanded his resignation, refused to let him speak, and, predictably, called him a “racist.”

The Library Protest And The Shameful Reaction Of The Faculty

According to the Washington Times, after being met by campus police, students then decided to march to the school’s library, where they barricaded themselves inside. In a totally warped interpretation of events, one protester described the scene in a quite hysterical manner.

“The students, fearful for their lives, began retreating towards the library and ultimately ended up in the Trans & Queer Center/Unity Lounge, trying to stay safe.”

Fearing for their lives? Really? Fifty students just verbally attacked one professor and they have the audacity to claim that they were the ones who were fearful? This claim is made even less plausible by the fact that the so-called “retreat” immediately transformed into a confrontation in which the protesters started making demands, which is a pretty bold action for people claiming to be gripped by fear.

The “occupation” of the library continued the next day, on which there happened to be scheduled a faculty meeting to honor professors who were recently nominated for emeritus status. The protesters, of course, decided to barge into the meeting and make it all about them.

Instead of exercising authority as a professor and kicking the students out, one teacher actually invited them to speak! The cowardly individual stated the following.

“I’m sorry, but I really appreciate you faculty, but students are here right now…Why do we need to — I mean, I appreciate celebrating our accolades and how much we’ve done for the college, but they’re here. Like, we need to listen to their voice.”

Instead of appreciating the undeserved deference to their bratty protest, the petulant pupils predictably bit the hand that fed them, with one asking a rude, expletive-laden question.

“Didn’t you educate us on how to do s—t like this? It was you that taught us that in class. Right, though? You taught us to go and change the world. Ain’t that what you all sell on that state college page? To when s—t is wrong that we should try to change it? So why you all in here eating cake and chewing?”

Even after this blatant disrespect, the professors continued to bow down to the indignant tantrum-throwers, with one asking a gentle question phrased to fit the sensibilities of an agitated toddler, “Would it be more helpful if we stayed and talked with you, or more helpful if we go over to the library?” The student indicated that they wanted the professors to go to the library, and they did!

This is totally shocking and inappropriate. In what world do professors bow down to their students? These kids are using terrorist tactics to control the people who are supposed to be teaching and guiding them. The confrontation with the president of Evergreen State College is even more pathetic. According to the Washington Times, Evergreen State College president George S. Bridges kowtowed to several student demands, including instituting a new student code and enacting a sensitivity training program for all staff, professors, and police that focuses on ending anti-black racism. The university president also told campus police to stand down during the protests, according to Professor Weinstein.

Q13 Fox reported that Bret Weinstein has called on the pusillanimous president to resign from his post at Evergreen State College, stating the following in an interview with Tucker Carlson.

“Dr. Bridges is allowing this mob to effectively control the campus.”

Student Terrorists Create Unsafe Environment For Professor Bret Weinstein

According to the Washington Times, Mr. Weinstein had been instructed by police to stay off campus after the incident due to safety concerns. Police believe that protesters were looking for Weinstein, since they were reportedly stopping cars and demanding information about riders.

According to Fox News, Weinstein stated in an interview with Tucker Carlson this week that he has not returned to campus as he is still in fear of his safety and is receiving almost no support from the professors and administration. He says he has “no clue how I can go back to a campus where the administration and faculty have invested so heavily in demonizing me.”

The Future Of Free Speech On College Campuses

Liberal college students have effectively become terrorists, making demands and threatening violence and chaos if those demands are not met. Their minds are so warped that many think that they are actually in the right. They think that they are the ones being persecuted as they stomp all over the rights of those who disagree with them. If we are to ever see this situation change, more faculty members must follow the example of Professor Bret Weinstein, who has shown tremendous bravery and fortitude in standing up to the Evergreen State College liberal terrorists.

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