Scott Disick Exposing Kardashian Secrets, As Family Cuts Him Off Over Cannes Fiasco [Opinion]

Scott Disick is gearing up to expose the Kardashians after learning that the family has chosen to cut him off over his Cannes fiasco.

Last month, the reality star was seen partying in France, where he was photographed with endless women he reportedly bedded.

Scott Disick’s ex-girlfriend, Kourtney Kardashian, was absolutely mortified by his behavior, to the point where she allegedly told the father of her three children that he wouldn’t be allowed to see his kids until he had shown a drastic change in his behavior.

The supposed fact that Scott Disick would travel to Cannes to sleep with endless women, date 19-year-old Bella Thorne, and party for two weeks straight, was horrifying for Kourtney and her family, so much that they have decided to not only cut Disick off, but also distance themselves from him.

In Touch, as cited by Gossip Cop, claims that Scott Disick is old enough to do what he wants with his life — the Kardashians shouldn’t have the power to dictate what he can and cannot do.

It goes without saying that Scott Disick will not let his ex-girlfriend’s family run his life, having threatened Kourtney and her siblings to expose their deepest and darkest secrets. He’s annoyed by their reaction in seeing him enjoying his life, and now that he’s allegedly been cut off from Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Scott is getting his revenge.

Scott Disick recalls dozens of stories that “includes the dirty tactics Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Kris Jenner use against their enemies, how scripted ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ really is, and the women’s innermost secrets.”

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If the Kardashians want to cut him off and prevent him from seeing his children until he gets his act together, Scott Disick will retaliate by letting them know two can play this game, the source continues, adding that the self-proclaimed sex addict stresses he is completely fine.

Scott allegedly feels like Kourtney and her sisters are trying to make him look bad by holding all these negative reports against him, but he’s saying that going to Cannes and flirting with women was him having a good time. Besides, he’s single — he should have the freedom to do whatever he likes, which the mother of his children clearly doesn’t agree with.

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Should Scott Disick be punished for his wild behavior in Cannes, or do you side with the socialite in saying that it is his life and he should be allowed to do what he wants with it?

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