‘The Walking Dead’ Challenged: ‘A Zombie With A Shotgun’ Just Opened Fire [Opinion]

The Walking Dead is the reigning champion of television zombies. TWD ratings top those of all other television shows, even with the Season 7 decline. But look out “walker” fighters, because here comes Zombie With A Shotgun.

The Zombie With A Shotgun franchise offers a movie, which can be viewed here free with registration. There is also a YouTube series, and Episodes 1 and 2 can be seen below. Now, the Zombie With A Shotgun comic book is finally being released according to Horror Movies CA.

The Walking Dead is also a comic book series (or graphic novel, as some prefer it to be called). AMC picked up the rights and hired The Walking Dead‘s creator Robert Kirkman as the writer for the TWD television series. Could AMC become interested in Zombie With A Shotgun?

Perhaps Zombie With A Shotgun will be swept up by another network, after the tremendous success of The Walking Dead. TWD is a ratings powerhouse.

The Walking Dead is probably one of the most successful shows ever on television, in terms of viewers, and their ratings are unheard of for a cable show. The Walking Dead floundered just a bit in Season 7, but overall it’s been gold for AMC.

Zombie With A Shotgun is a rising star at best, but this new Z on the block is taking aim at The Walking Dead and other “walker”-style horror genre. It sounds like a shotgun-toting undead creature is ready for a fight. Here is the challenging quote from the Zombie With A Shotgun page at the Rats and Crows Publishing website.

“Are you guys tired of the same old zombie comics where the humans need to survive the zombie apocalypse or when humans fight each other and the story isn’t about the zombies at all? Zombie with a Shotgun is going to be that zombie comic where all the rules we know about zombie comics go right out the window.”

The Walking Dead could be dealing with a Zombie With A Shotgun franchise in the future. Watch the movie to see if The Walking Dead has anything to worry about from Zombie With a Shotgun.

Zombie With A Shotgun has a far different angle than most action-style undead fiction, taking the view of the monster who really isn’t a monster but a human being. Before saying it’s been done, consider the full presentation. Also, consider that some believe that zombies are symbolic of the disenfranchised and starving lower class or the unprepared. If that’s the case, then perhaps one should cheer for the walkers.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is Negan on The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead offers no quarter to the walkers. Lately, though, The Walking Dead is treating walkers like they are no big deal compared to human infighting as Zombie With A Shotgun accuses.

Zombie With A Shotgun takes the point of view of the infected. For more information on The Walking Dead‘s zombie symbolism, see this article from the Inquisitr.

Zombie With A Shotgun is giving The Walking Dead, World War Z, and Z Nation fair notice. Could this new franchise take on an old theme and be an actual challenge to the reigning champions of gore? Is there room for all the undead franchises? Horror lovers will have plenty of comics to read, another movie to watch, and maybe, just maybe, a TV show in the future.

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The Walking Dead is being strongly challenged by Zombie With A Shotgun, but do the shotgun-toting undead have a chance?

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