Is Sex A Criteria For ‘Bachelor’ Series Shows — In And Out Of Paradise? [Opinion]

The probability that sex is about to happen or that sex is in the works seems to be a draw for the masses when it comes to the Bachelor, Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise reality shows. Their shows continue season after season with great ratings with all the innuendos regarding sex, like the secret fantasy suite and what might go on behind those doors.

So why all the hoopla over the recent Bachelor in Paradise claims of sex in a hot tub? That’s because one of the participants is now saying it wasn’t consensual. All it takes is one person to cry foul and there’s no turning back: the show must investigate the circumstances around these claims, despite having cameras fixed on these contestants 24/7 and having it all documented on video.

Vulture reports that James Callenberger is someone who has a long line of reality shows under his producer credits from MTV, Fox, VH1, and National Geographic. He claims that a lot hinges on those nondisclosure agreements, along with the arbitration contracts that the cast and crew are required to sign. All it takes is one person to stop the production, which is playing out today for the Bachelor in Paradise show.

Callenberger is not his real name, but he wrote an article published in Vulture under this pen name. In the article, he offers some background pulled from his own experience with reality shows that might be compared to what went on behind the Bachelor in Paradise scene. The recent hold that was put on the production of Bachelor in Paradise emerged after a producer of the show claims some “nonconsensual sexual activity” may have occurred between two of the cast members on the show.

The Bachelor in Paradise debacle has also been addressed on a few segments of Fox News over the last few days. The line between fantasy and reality appears to be extremely blurred for one of the cast members involved in this non-consensual sex investigation. She offered up a ridiculous excuse which seems to indicate that she’s very mixed up on the purpose of this gig she signed on for.

Corinne Olympios claims she was in no state to consent to the sexual activity she embarked on with DeMario Jackson. She also states she would never have done these sexual acts as she has a boyfriend back home. What? Isn’t the whole idea of this gig romance? So she signed on to Bachelor in Paradise as what, a spectator? DeMario offered up the graphics of the sexual deeds the two embarked on that evening in a hot tub as he remembers everything and he remembers it as both having a consensual good time.

Olympios claims because of her intoxicated condition, the producers should have protected her. She doesn’t remember a thing but was filled in on her actions by her housemates the next day. According to TMZ, people who have viewed the tape that captured the entire encounter in question between these two said that she was “lucid and fully engaged.”

Callenberger claims “on a show like Bachelor in Paradise, the drunken hook-up is the coin of the realm.” He said that even in reality shows that offer fewer romances than the Bachelor series, the “producers plan dalliances in preproduction.”

He describes one reality show that he worked on where the season was to include a romantic relationship with a “pseudo-celebrity.” A number of potential cast members were asked if they would “be interested in hooking up with our guy on the show.” He said the one that said yes was the one to get the part and she knew from the get-go what she got herself into.

He calls this the “16 minutes of fame,” as it goes beyond that 15 minutes of fame that reality show cast members are usually awarded by the show’s fans once appearing on the reality shows. The ones that do hook up and are shown in steamy scenes tend to get that extra minute of fame, which seems to be so coveted today among the contestants. Many come to these venues hoping to create a career as a celebrity.

You will remember Olympios after this for sure, as it has granted her that extra bit of fame above the other cast members. Callenberger suggests this gets her more notoriety and it will boil down to more money with her Team Corn clothing line in sales.

If this debacle wasn’t flooding the headlines, once the season was over, not too many would remember her, but now she’s in the forefront. That is due to this sex scandal, where she claims to be the victim.

The reality stars of today are opening clubs and becoming millionaires selling products like skinny margaritas, claims the author of the article from Vulture. Fame and money are the “implied incentives available to cast members who are down to fool around.” As far as producers go, Callenberger throws out a scenario that, while made up, is similar to what happens on these shows. Callenberger reports that once the cast members are on the set, “they [producers] gently encourage cast members to drop their inhibitions and follow their instincts.”

One producer might say to Jackson that it would be great to see you hook up with Corinne. Another producer might then come along and convey to Jackson that Corrine is really into him. Then the third producer, who knows nothing about what seeds were planted by the previous two producers, might have been the one who “blew the whistle.”

He also said that “reality producers rarely interrupt good scenes.” Callenberger said this is probably why the producer didn’t stop the scene in question between Olympios and Jackson.

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