Johnny Depp’s Best Kept Secret? [Opinion]

Johnny Depp has sparked fascination in audiences for decades with his complex and quirky characters. Sadly, in recent years it’s been his personal life that has sparked the interest of the press. It is truly rare for a beloved Hollywood icon like Johnny to attract so much bad press.

Johnny Depp recently sued his management company TMG alleging that the company grossly mishandling his money for decades. The actor alleged that The Management Group or TMG had repeatedly neglected to pay his taxes on time for years on end.

Johnny Depp reportedly had receipts to prove his tax penalties for late payment. Further, TMG reportedly took out loans in his name without his knowledge or consent and neglected to repay them. Johnny’s attorney told People they had proven their case.

“Today we have shown definitively that TMG systematically failed to pay Mr. Depp’s taxes on time for 16 straight years, leading to at least $8.3 million in penalties for Mr. Depp according to the IRS and the law firm that TMG itself hired.”

For TMG, the only logical defense for not paying the taxes was to claim Johnny Depp had insufficient funds to pay the taxes. So, in the fresh wake of a messy divorce from Amber Heard, TMG decided to reveal Depp’s personal financial information to the press. So much for confidentiality.

Johnny Depp has a whistle-blower witness that intends to swear that TMG took out a loan without Johnny’s consent and tried to force her to notarize his signature without him present according to Hollywood Reporter.

TMG painted Johnny Depp to be as mad as the Hatter he portrayed. According to these calendar challenged accountants, Much like Jack Sparrow, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor stayed drunk on expensive wine that he couldn’t afford, shot his friends out of cannons, couldn’t remember his lines, and might be building tunnels under his houses.

They further alleged Johnny Depp employed numerous employees implying he had servants or some such. Then they said he used an earpiece to be fed his lines, but this has been reportedly debunked by fellow actors. They claimed he was spending a lot of money to upkeep his yacht, but that boat has been sold for many years.

Johnny Depp said they even got the price of the ash shooting cannon wrong. It cost nearly twice the $3 million TMG claimed he paid. Depp isn’t ashamed of spending out heavily for a friend’s dying wish.

Is Johnny Depp broke? While the actor has not disputed the idea, and he may have had a few cash flow problems, he still owns a lot of very expensive real estate, art, and business investments. Plus, since Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Jack Sparrow has a big treasure chest of booty again.

Johnny Depp AKA Jack Sparrow and Hollywood Vampires member

Did TMG fabricate their stories? Well, some of their stories were easily debunked, and others are Johnny Depp’s business, and no one else’s. It seems their only defense was to accuse Depp of spending his own money, which is hardly illegal, or even immoral, so it doesn’t make their counter-suit very credible.

So what was Johnny Depp really up to? When investigating the real story, many things become obvious about this beloved heartthrob.

Johnny Depp cares deeply for his friends and family and is a very generous person. He donates to both charities and individuals. This apparently makes little sense to TMG, but most people would understand that.

Johnny Depp of Hollywood Vampires And Sir Paul McCartney

Johnny paid for a rather unorthodox funeral for his friend and mentor Hunter S. Thompson, in which Hunter’s ashes were dispersed into the stratosphere via a sort of cannon. It was Thompson’s request.

Johnny Depp hires employees because he owns a film production company called Infinitum Nihil. It isn’t that unusual. Clint Eastwood and Brad Pitt also own film companies. Unlike Pitt and Eastwood though, the Johnny Depp prefers not to talk about his company. The iconic Hollywood actor needs employees because he runs a business. He isn’t hiring them to take turns scratching his back or anything.

Johnny Depp’s film production company also publishes books. Infinitum Nihil creates jobs as well, and that helps people. The iconic actor’s sister Christi is one of the co-founders of the company so that if Christi Dembrowski, asked for money from TMG it likely wasn’t for personal reasons, it was probably for the company.

Johnny Depp owns a French Villa in wine country and though this hasn’t been proven, it is likely that he has multiple cellars full of wine investments. The so-called tunnels he’s been building are likely to be wine cellars.

Johnny Depp also owns a lot of very valuable art. This too is an investment that will hold value. Wine is an excellent long term investment, that can grow exponentially in value, much more than stocks.


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Johnny Depp, far from being mad as a hatter, has invested his money in art, real estate, wine, and a movie production company he tends to keep quiet about. Johnny’s attorney contends that he will win the case against TMG and make them pay up. Then perhaps they will be the ones experiencing cash flow problems.

Johnny Depp is a savvy individual with a much more creative approach to investment, and he isn’t mad as a hatter.

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