Hillary Clinton Equates Herself To Wonder Woman — A Movie Spoiler? [Opinion]

No one is too sure how Wonder Woman is going to feel about this, but Hillary Clinton is tickled pink believing that she shares a lot of the qualities that makes Wonder Woman, well — Wonder Woman. Hillary doesn’t seem to get through a speech without patting herself on the back, but she really amped herself up during her speech on Tuesday when putting herself alongside Wonder Woman for all to hear.

In a video message that appeared at the Women in Film Los Angeles’ Crystal & Lucy Awards event in Beverly Hills, Clinton did all but fly away when she was done praising herself. She suggested that both she and Wonder Woman were on the same quest. That quest is to “save the world.” While her musings got laughs, there’s word today that the folks at Warner Bros. are not thrilled with Hillary using their movie for political purposes.

Does this make you picture Wonder Woman with a secret server in her bathroom or flying out of the woods in Upstate New York with scores of classified emails pinned to her cape? Do you see Hillary possessing any of the qualities of Wonder Woman? No, these aren’t movie spoilers, Wonder Woman fights the injustices of the world without creating more along the way.

In her video appearance for the event, Clinton spoke to the crowd about the movie, saying she hasn’t seen it yet, but she isn’t going to miss this one, as reported by Breitbart. Part of the reason she is adamant about viewing this flick is that “the fabulous Patty Jenkins” directed the movie, Hillary told the crowd. After throwing that small bone to Jenkins, she was back to building herself up just a bit more.

She told the crowd that “something tells me that a movie about a strong, powerful woman fighting to save the world from a massive international disaster is right up my alley.” What “international disaster is she talking about?” You can see her message in the video post below.

According to Deadline News, Hillary took a swipe at the Trump administration. Apparently, folks believe Clinton was referring to Trump when she suggested that she too is working to save this world from an “international disaster.” It was the swipe directed Trump’s way that got the “most ohhs, ahhs, and applause” out of the crowd, reports Deadline.

Time reports that Hillary’s Wonder Woman comment was meant to support Elizabeth Banks, who was to receive the Excellence in Film award later on during the evening. While Hillary got her laughs from the crowd, according to The Blaze, Warner Bros. wasn’t too thrilled with Hillary for “politicizing Wonder Woman.

It was Heat Street who reportedly talked to a source at Warner Bros. and this person spoke only on the condition that their name would not be revealed. While they were happy that Hillary is planning to see the movie, they didn’t find her remarks “particularly helpful.” They also guaranteed their publicity department won’t be using her remarks to promote the film.

The person said that Warner Bros.is “anxious to keep politics out of Wonder Woman any way we can.” Well, you might not know how Wonder Woman herself feels about Hillary making those comparisons, but now you may have an idea of what the makers of her movie think.

[Featured Image by Craig Ruttle/AP Images]