Robin Williams And Eddie Murphy’s Brother Charlie: The Losses Of Comedy With Dave Chappelle [Opinion]

Robin Williams and Eddie Murphy’s brother Charlie Murphy, who delighted Chappelle’s Show audiences, have both passed away. George Carlin is gone now as well. The great funny men are dying out, and a few others have faded into obscurity due to politically correct pressures.

Dave Chappelle and Eddie Murphy, both heavily influenced by Charlie Murphy, are among the few remaining great comedians. With the loss of Robin Williams and George Carlin and the exile of Andrew Dice Clay as described in this Inquisitr article. Dave Chappelle and Eddie Murphy are dancing on a razor’s edge between being funny and politically correct restrictions that make being funny so difficult for Dave and Eddie.

Robin Williams’ brand of humor managed to escape the politically correct guardians of inappropriate laughter, possibly because Robin Williams’ humor was over their head. However, so many other comedians like Dave Chappelle and Eddie Murphy are struggling between being funny and being offensive to some.

Andrew Dice Clay, on the other end of the spectrum from Robin Williams, got completely blackballed. The edgy comedian went over that edge. Tim Allen, a very clean comedian, may be following him, as Tim’s show Last Man Standing was canceled recently reportedly because of its anti-PC humor, despite stellar ratings.

Dave Chappelle, Charlie, and Eddie Murphy dance gracefully on the edge of a razor. George Carlin told everyone exactly what he thought before his death as seen in the video below. Even Jerry Seinfeld has expressed concerns, and Seinfeld is certainly no Dave Chappelle, Eddie Murphy, or Charlie Murphy.

Robin Williams stayed to the left of that razor and still managed to be hilariously funny. Early in Robin’s career, Williams may have raised a few eyebrows, but Robin Williams managed that so well, avoiding politics and sexual overtones, that he won the hearts of virtually everyone.

Charlie Murphy delighted the Chappelle’s Show audiences with impersonations of Rick James as well as other great comedy sketches. Charlie could have as easily been speaking of himself, Dave Chappelle, or his brother Eddie Murphy when he described Rick James in a quote from The Rolling Stone.

“He’s a habitual line-stepper.”

Robin Williams, unlike Dave Chappelle, Charlie Murphy, and Eddie Murphy, managed to stay away from the line. Robin Williams was a comedy legend who left this world far too soon. From Mork and Mindy to his final movie role in Night At the Museum: Secret of the Tomb as Teddy Roosevelt, Robin Williams was a delightful persona.

Charlie Murphy had a connection to not one but two other comedy greats, Dave Chappelle and his famous brother Eddie Murphy. Charlie was a source of inspiration for his brother and so many other comedians. Charlie and Eddie Murphy were always at the center of comedy.

With Charlie Murphy, Robin Williams, and George Carlin now gone, and PC having put Dice Clay and Tim Allen’s heads on pikes, so to speak, as a warning to other edgy comedians, how long can comedy last? What will people do for laughs in the future without people like George Carlin, Charlie Murphy, and Robin Williams?

Eddie Murphy with Charlie Murphy

Dave Chappelle, a former work partner of Charlie Murphy, was reviewed for the Dave Chappelle Netflix special recently by The Daily Beast. While making the pretense of being a Dave Chappelle fan, the writer is still saber rattling with his publication’s PC agenda.

“‘You can feel some of the audience recoil when he goes on an extended riff about Caitlyn Jenner. Considering we now have, as Chappelle said in his SNL monolog last November, ‘an internet troll as our president,’ that kind of language is more pointed than usual. But it feels crudely ignorant rather than malicious.”

Dave Chappelle was being crudely ignorant? Ouch! Good comedy is often edgy and who is to say what is ignorant? Even Robin Williams was edgy early in his career, but what is considered edgy is becoming off limits now. In addition, the PC rules encompass so much more that is obviously hilarious, as protected by the politically correct rearrangement of morality into something completely different.

George Carlin is quoted in The Interrobang speaking about political correctness.

“Americans have a lot of trouble facing reality, Americans have a lot of trouble facing the truth, so they create this kind of soft language to protect themselves from it and it gets worse with every generation.”

Dave Chappelle is a stand up comedian

Robin Williams, Dave Chappelle, George Carlin, Andrew Dice Clay, Tim Allen, and Charlie and Eddie Murphy all point to various aspects of reality. Some of those kinds of reality, commonly pointed out by Dave Chappelle, Robin Williams, and Charlie and Eddie Murphy, might be uncomfortable, but that is, after all, the purpose of comedy. To make people think. It is often thinking about something in a new, perhaps even forbidden way that makes people laugh.

Dave Chappelle, representative of the influences of Charlie and Eddie, could be on the cutting edge of comedy, but even he is afraid of that sharp edge. Dave Chappelle and Eddie Murphy have to tread carefully, which is so sad for Dave and Eddie.

Dave Chappelle and Eddie Murphy remain among the greatest living comedians. That is a demographic that is shrinking in the absence of Charlie Murphy, George Carlin, and Robin Williams. Even clowns have been demonized and outlawed. Is there a PC war on humor with people like Dave Chappelle, Tim Allen, and Eddie Murphy in the crosshairs? What will happen to Dave Chappelle’s career?


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Robin Williams, Dave Chappelle, George Carlin, and Charlie and Eddie Murphy not only generated laughter, but they generated free thought as well.

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