Jenelle Evans Vacation: Why Her Solo Trip With Jace Should Be Praised As Great Parenting [Opinion]

Jenelle Evans has been fighting for custody of her first-born son for years. This Teen Mom 2 star decided to sign over the rights to Jace when he was just a few weeks old to her own mother so she could care for him. Barbara felt it was the best thing for Jace, as he was in need of healthcare and she could provide it for him through her work at Walmart. Just a few weeks ago, Jenelle finally got her court date, and she went to court to learn whether the judge would be granting her full custody. Sadly, the judge agreed with her mother and Jace had to stay with her, but Barbara could no longer keep Jace from Jenelle.

This week, she finally got to spend some time with Jace, and she decided to take him on a solo vacation so they could have some valuable mother-son time together.

According to a new set of tweets, Jenelle Evans is now defending her decision to take Jace on a trip alone with her son. As it turns out, Evans faced a lot of criticism for supposedly leaving her other kids at home, as if she was neglecting them to spend time with Jace.

As Jenelle Evans points out in her tweets, Jace deserved to go on a trip with his mother alone. Right after Evans went to court, it was revealed that Barbara had been keeping Jace from his biological mother, and Jenelle hadn’t seen her son for over five weeks. This bonding time is valuable for them, as they are rebuilding their relationship. Jace has revealed that he wants to live with his mother, so it makes sense for them to have some bonding time together. He shouldn’t feel as if he’s neglected by Jenelle at all despite losing in court.

As for abandoning her other children, Jenelle Evans has revealed that her baby girl, Ensley, is on formula because breastfeeding didn’t go as expected. One can imagine that David Eason is loving the alone time he’s getting with his daughter while Evans is focusing on Jace.

Why do you think Jenelle Evans was slammed over spending time with her son? Do you think she made the right decision to go on a solo trip with her son?

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