‘The Walking Dead’: Who Will Die In Season 8? Prepare To Think The Unthinkable [Spoilers] [Opinion]

The Walking Dead Season 8 is not that far away. Even now, Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln, Melissa McBride and the rest of the cast are filming the first half of the season in Georgia.

Who will die in The Walking Dead Season 8? That is the question that all the comic book experts are currently mulling over. These guys know the comics by heart. They hang on Robert Kirkman’s every word and gesture, and they watch episodes over and over for clues.

These The Walking Dead spoilers or at least some potential spoilers and opinions are ahead. Readers who aren’t interested in the best guesses of the comic book experts should stop reading here.

Who Will Not Die in Season 8 [Spoilers]

The Walking Dead is such a volatile show, it might be easier to say who isn’t going to die in Season 8. Negan is the one character who almost certainly will not die in Season 8. The arch villain is safe for every episode of Season 8.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan who portrays Negan says he could be on The Walking Dead for “three or four seasons,” according to Zimbio. His right-hand man Simon probably won’t be so lucky, though.

Maggie will not die either. Lauren Cohan’s job is safe in Season 8 of The Walking Dead, at least if the show follows the comic at all. Maggie, with Jesus as her second in command, will lead Hill Top into battle after battle for the entire season.

The Walking Dead’s Maggie becomes a mom later in the comic book series. Jesus will have a much bigger role in Season 8 of The Walking Dead, according to Cheat Sheet. None of the experts predict that Maggie or Jesus will die in Season 8.

The Walking Dead’s teen couple, Carl, and Enid will not die either, according to the video above. It’s pretty certain that Carl and Enid will become a love interest for the show in Season 8, according to Zimbio.

Who Will Die In Season 8? Here are a few predictions from around the web.

The Walking Dead writers and cast are very tight-lipped and haven’t given many clues, but it has been inferred that even Rick Grimes, portrayed by Andrew Lincoln isn’t safe. Original cast members will die, or so fans are being told by the experts.

Andrew Lincoln of The Walking Dead could die, according to Blasting News and other sources. Many believe it is going to happen, while others argue that it just can’t. In the comic books, Andrew Lincoln is severely injured in a fight with Negan and must walk with a cane afterward, but he survives.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is Negan on The Walking Dead

“All Out War” in The Walking Dead will be costly in terms of lives and property. It is only realistic that fans will lose at least some of their most beloved characters in “All Out War.”

The Walking Dead’s huge tiger Shiva will die, according to Hollywood Reporter and most every video on the topic. It is almost certain to happen eventually, due to a scene in the comics, no matter how much Norman Reedus pleads for the big cat to continue. Perhaps Reedus, who really likes the big cat, can forestall the tragedy for a little while anyway.

The Walking Dead’s Lennie James who portrays Morgan is seriously at risk during this season. The reason for this is because Morgan had been killed by this point in the comics. Melissa McBride’s character Carol is in the same category. Carol died in the comics long before “All Out War.”

The Walking Dead cast

The Walking Dead’s Carol has two paths predicted for her; one camp believes Carol will die, another thinks she will have a relationship with Ezekiel. Perhaps she will have a relationship with Ezekiel and then die later.

In The Walking Dead Comics, Michonne had a relationship with Ezekiel, and Carol had already died. In the TV version, Rick and Michonne are in a serious relationship, but Carol and Ezekiel seem to like each other. Carol seems to have taken Michonne’s path in the comics in Season 7 of The Walking Dead.

Other The Walking Dead Season 8 death predictions include Father Gabriel, Eric, Tobin, and a lot of those nameless, or nearly nameless characters from Hilltop and the Kingdom. Saviors will die as well as “All Out War” explodes.


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The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus is believed to be safe. Daryl Dixon isn’t being predicted to die. Rick could die though, according to many experts.

The Walking Dead characters who are probably going to die in Season 8 include Shiva, Carol, Morgan, Eric and Father Gabriel.

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