Johnny Depp Celebrated His Birthday And The Success Of ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean 5’ In Tahiti [Opinion]

Johnny Depp celebrated his 54th birthday in Tahiti. What better way to enjoy the spoils of his most recent success as a pirate. Captain Jack Sparrow raked in so much booty with the Pirates of the Caribbean 5 movie, that Disney is certainly in his debt.

Johnny Depp’s special day was not entirely spent in lavish partying though according to this Johnny Depp Fan Blog. On his birthday June 9, it has been discovered that Jack Sparrow went to a hospital to visit the kiddies. Yes, kids are a huge favorite for the wonderfully entertaining Pirate.

Pirates of the Caribbean icon Jack Sparrow visits children in hospitals at every opportunity. Johnny Depp actually keeps the Captain Sparrow costume with him wherever he travels so that he can entertain at a moment’s notice. The People’s Choice winner also still has his Edward Scissorhands costume but doesn’t break that one out very often.

Johnny Depp spent at least a week in Tahiti according to Johnny Depp Zone, who have posted a small photo of the famous icon taken in Tahiti on June 4. Still, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor chose to spend his birthday as Jack Sparrow visiting sick children in a Tahitian hospital.

After Pirates of the Caribbean 5’s record-breaking success abroad, Depp has certainly earned a break from the other movies he’s been making this year. For more information about other 2017 Johnny Depp movies in various stages of production, see this from the Inquisitr.

Though Johnny Depp frequently visits children’s hospitals, he always visits dressed as Jack Sparrow. Not only is Jack Sparrow his most internationally recognized character, Captain Jack is also still current and very kid friendly.

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The Pirates of the Caribbean star took a holiday on his birthday, doing the things he loves most. He entertained children as Jack Sparrow, greeted fans, and then settled into the exotic tropical place.

Johnny Depp AKA Jack Sparrow and Hollywood Vampires member

Johnny Depp enjoyed a more grown up birthday party later in the evening. The Pirates of the Caribbean star was photographed with not one but two lovely ladies according to OMG It’s Jackie Sparrow on Tumblr. He chatted with friends and fans, looking relaxed and comfortable.

Pirates of The Caribbean 5 premiered last month and was met with a great deal of enthusiasm internationally, especially in China. Read more about the half a billion dollar success of the Pirates of the Caribbean 5 on the Inquisitr.

Johnny Depp shared his happiness and success as he usually does. It seems the movie icon is very generous with his time and resources. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor is always giving, entertaining and showing love to all.

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow in Pirates of The Caribbean

Although Johnny Depp frequently entertains children as Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean he never publicizes these events. Sparrow shows up unannounced, to surprise the children and staff. Sometimes though, videos are posted on YouTube and Instagram, despite Johnny’s attempts to keep his hospital appearances quiet.


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Jack Sparrow has been visiting hospitals for years, and Johnny Depp obviously loves spending time with kids and their parents. Jack Sparrow spreads cheer and comforts kids all over the world. It is heartwarming to watch him with the children.

Johnny Depp spent his birthday in Tahiti entertaining at a hospital as Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean.

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