Mystery Winner Of $447.8 Million Powerball Has Handout Request Already Waiting [Opinion]

The Powerball winning numbers have just about stopped spinning and the mystery winner of that one lone ticket worth the entire jackpot of $447.8 million already has a request in the wings ready and waiting for some possible monetary help. Whoever has that piece of paper no bigger than a sticky note is set for life with that chunk of money coming to them. So why not come out and be known?

Are you kidding? That Powerball winner was picked less than 24 hours ago and there’s already a request for money coming from the area in which the ticket was sold. This was the 10th largest jackpot lottery prize in the U.S. lottery history, according to what the lottery officials reported on Sunday.

That ticket worth hundreds of millions of dollars was sold at Marietta Liquor & Deli in Menifee, California. It is a small city in Southern California and people from Menifee are hoping the winner is from their little city. The earliest the ticket can be redeemed is Monday morning at 8 a.m. as the main lottery headquarters are closed for the weekend. They also have an entire year to claim their prize. The lucky numbers were drawn Saturday night.

The winning Powerball numbers were 20-26-32-38-58, and the Powerball number was 3.

Still, whoever has this ticket either doesn’t realize it yet or they are purposely keeping as quiet as a mouse by not telling a soul who would leak it to the press, because as if Sunday night, the press has no idea who the winner is. The store that sold the winning ticket will receive $1 million as their prize for the sale of the jackpot ticket.

The store that sold that ticket is located in the Sun City part of Menifee, which was originally an area built for retirees. Matthew Alberre, the owner of Marietta Liquor & Deli, which is the store that sold that ticket, doesn’t have any idea what customer purchased the ticket. While the store’s customer base is mainly those who live in Sun City, his place also caters to people passing through the area.

The city is about 80 miles outside of Los Angeles. The winning ticket could be in the possession of a local, but it also could be in the pocket of someone who lives far away and happened to buy that lottery winner when passing through Sun City.

It could be that the winner is hearing the scuttlebutt around town already, which would probably prompt any lottery winner for keeping their luck under wraps. While people of the city buzz over speculations on just who this winner is during the Sunday morning breakfast at the local Knights of Columbus, some have their sights set on the possibilities of getting a chunk.

Armand Blais was at that breakfast and he told the press the people of the city are hoping it’s a local resident who is the lucky ticket holder. Blais also said the people in the area are hoping that the person is a parishioner and they will assist in the efforts to build a new church, according to The Washington Post.

Blais, who is the president of the Sun City Civic Association’s board has high hopes that the person is a local who purchased the ticket and when Monday morning comes around they will present them with a check to build their church. The ink on the lottery ticket is just about dry and already people are eyeing money from the unknown lottery winner. It could very well work out that way if the person decides to share their wealth.

The amount of money the winner will get if they take the cash option is $279.1 million before taxes are taken out. So in all reality, the winner won less than half of the advertised amount once the taxes come out of the cash amount. They can also opt for payment over 29 years like an annuity.

This is a lot of money despite it being much less than what they supposedly won, but getting ready to face people asking for money has to be a bit uncomfortable for anyone. If someone wants to help build a church, a school, or any other type of civic venture, they would probably want it to be their own idea. Being able to offer up the help without being prompted has to be a great feeling. An article from The Balance has gathered tips from previous lottery winners and one of the things they hit on is how to handle all the requests you will get from people wanting some money.

The Balance writes, “Powerball winners have to worry about people befriending them just for their money, being hounded by charities and people with sob stories, the responsibility that comes with that much money, and more.” They also quote experts who advise people to not tell anyone about the win until all your ducks are in a row. Maybe Saturday night’s winner is a mystery because they are following this tip.

Now that a church has already made their hopeful intentions known and they are eyeing a possible piece of the winnings, there are bound to be more folks with this in mind. You can just imagine what it would be like for the winner or winners when family members and friends start coming out of the woodwork looking to share in their good fortune.

The money isn’t in the winner’s hands yet, but is the stage is setting up to take some of the fun out of winning already with people honing in on the winnings?

[Featured Image by Nam Y. Huh/AP Images]