Michelle Obama Slammed Thanks To Chelsea Clinton’s Tweet? [Opinion]

Chelsea Clinton seems to be slowly easing her way into the political game, but she’s playing with the big boys and girls now, those who don’t think it is cute when you start blaming the entire Republican Party for kids going hungry at lunch time. Where she is going with all this new and unsolicited advice, no one knows, but one of her recent tweets suggests that the Republicans are letting the kids of America go hungry during lunch at school.

The only child of Bill and Hillary Clinton may be trying to make a name for herself by passing on words of wisdom, or so she might think. Chelsea recently tweeted a link to a story in the New York Times that stated research shows kids do better at school if they aren’t hungry, reports TheBlaze. Her tweet was met with a lot of sarcasm from people on Twitter asking her if she really needed research to tell her that.

Another Twitter user tweeted back to Chelsea saying, “It doesn’t seem that this is an idea that needs research.” Here is where Chelsea slips up, with her tweet back to this person. She writes back, “Agreed. Sadly, many Republicans continue to argue against free school lunches & breakfasts & against nutritional support for families.”

Really? It was the Republicans that are letting the kids go hungry? Many Twitter users pointed out that she’s barking up the wrong tree. She should be peddling her wares to Michelle Obama who turned school lunches into a nutritional disaster where most of it landed in the garbage pails of the school cafeterias while the kids went hungry.

Above is the first tweet that Chelsea sent out; apparently she has taken it upon herself to educate the parents of the nation. Then she was called out on this topic because it was so obvious. You don’t need research, which was probably paid for by the Obama administration last year, to tell you that kids do better at school when they aren’t hungry. That is when her answer, which follows in another tweet, opened the Michelle Obama floodgates.

That is all she had to say, the Republicans are “against nutritional support for families.” Spoken like a budding politician fresh from the school of the Clinton household. No, the Republicans weren’t against nutrition. They just wanted the kids to eat the lunches offered to them. Michelle Obama’s lunch program had so many guidelines that carrot sticks were the most glamorous thing you could offer a kid for lunch.

The tweets basically said it all. They told her to look Michelle Obama’s way about the wasting of school lunches before taking on the Republican Party as people who don’t mind starving the kids. Here are some of the tweets that showed up as a response to Chelsea’s tips on feeding kids:

Some of the tweets even contained pictures of what the kids were given to eat under the Michelle Obama school lunch program. While Chelsea is blaming the Republicans for kids going hungry, what about the Democrats? Do they think it is alright for the kids to go back to class on an empty stomach? Do they have a clear conscience about this because they did offer them lunch food that looks so unappetizing that you wouldn’t feed it to your dog, as seen below?

They gave it right back to Chelsea for making such a foolish suggestion in the first place about kids who are hungry? Of course, they don’t do as well in school if their stomachs are growling. Research doesn’t need to tell you that — it is common sense. It is also common sense that if you put a plate of food in front of a kid that looks like the picture above, they are not going to eat it. It’s just not going to happen.

It seems that Chelsea Clinton’s words of wisdom ended up backfiring and instead of reprimanding the Republicans, her whining got Michelle Obama slammed online. She didn’t intentionally pick on Michelle, but it was the deeds of Michelle that she ended up spotlighting for criticism.

Chelsea might want to get her feet wet in politics to follow in the family’s footsteps, but to pick out something so obvious was almost like an insult to people. Why would she think that she would need to pass on this information to parents who already know that kids function better in school when they’re not hungry? They don’t need Chelsea acting as she has just revealed an astonishing hidden fact.

[Featured Image by Gerald Herbert/AP Images]