North Korea Starting World War 3? Is It The End Of The World Or Just Millennial Anxiety? [Opinion]

North Korea’s World War 3 nuclear threat is just one of the reasons for anxiety surrounding the new millennium. Terrorism, economic distress, and countless real and perceived threats including theological thoughts about the second coming are flooding YouTube and predominating people’s thoughts.

Maybe North Korea and its threat of World War 3 isn’t the real source of anxiety but rather this new millennium. Bible Ca has a documented list of every known end of the world or return of Christ prediction date. It seems that of all the hundreds perhaps thousands of predictions, 1000 AD was the most widely accepted.

“All members of society seemed affected by the prediction that Jesus was coming back on Jan 1, 1000, AD. There really weren’t any of the events required by the Bible transpiring at that time. The magical number 1000 was primarily the sole reason for the expectation.”

So is North Korea’s World War 3 threat being blown out of proportion by the same instincts that led our ancestors in the year 1000 to predict the return of Christ? Though the turn of the millennium was 17 years ago, there has been a lot of anxiety since. If this millennial anxiety society isn’t responding in the same way, it did in 1000 AD.

“During December 999 AD, everyone was on their best behavior; worldly goods were sold and given to the poor, swarms of pilgrims headed east to meet the Lord at Jerusalem, buildings went unrepaired, crops were left unplanted, and criminals were set free from jails. The year 999 AD turned into 1000 AD and nothing happened.”

North Korea’s World War 3 threats will likely end the same way. Nothing happened in 1000 AD and nothing earth shattering is likely to happen in 2017. Still, perhaps it is a good idea to remain vigilant toward North Korea and other World War 3 risks, at least for those with the power to prevent such a tragedy. One has to wonder why the sudden concern about Korea, though, since this is hardly the first time North Korea has threatened the world with war or engaged in a spree of nuclear testing.

North Korea’s World War 3 nuclear threat could be quite real, but this didn’t happen overnight, nor is North Korea a new problem. North Korea’s nuclear capabilities began development in the 1950s, according to Time. The threat has been real for over a half a century, and North Korea has tested its nuclear missiles before, so is the current level of concern merited?

North Korea’s World War 3 threat has burst forth into mainstream news, but North Korea’s nuclear threat had been brewing in the background for decades. While other distressing problems that could lead to war, famine, and chaos are relegated to blogs and YouTube, North Korea’s nuclear threat is the problem currently being highlighted, but most people realize there are numerous threats and problems in the world.

North Korea isn’t even the only way World War 3 could happen. Terrorism makes itself obvious, occasionally, but whether it is currently in the news or not, terrorist groups are a constant threat. Many countries in the Middle East have become destabilized and are at war. That too might possibly escalate.

South Korea protests North Korean rocket launch

While World War 3 fears continue gaining momentum, with North Korea’s nuclear threat in the forefront, thinking back over the past 20 years, Western civilization has been assaulted with post-apocalyptic movies and television programs. Even the idea of a zombie apocalypse has been given some credibility. Y2K was given a lot of hype as well, as were several dates for disasters and end time scenarios in the 1980s and 1990s.

World War 3 with North Korea might be simply an intelligent sounding way of expressing deeper fears about an uncertain future. Since the beginning of the new millennium, the suicide rate is increasing dramatically. Deaths related to substance abuse are also increasing. People are anxious and depressed. See this from the Inquisitr for more information about the skyrocketing suicide rate and death by despair.

Little is said in the media about the economic distress of ordinary families in the United States, but that above all has been a perpetual problem for the last 16 years for a growing segment of the population as jobs have been exported and labor imported.

North Korea’s World War 3 nuclear threat may appeal to those who think a grand and sudden end to this world preferable to suffering through a slow decline of western civilization, but a nuclear strike from North Korea isn’t an annihilation scenario for the United States, either way.

A nuclear World War 3 with North Korea would certainly change everything, obviously not for the better, but at least for the survivors, things would be a lot different. Few people know what a nuclear disaster would really be like, however.

World War 3 could start in the Middle East rather than Korea, and that is what is interesting Bible scholars. Israel and other Middle Eastern countries are at the center of Bible prophecy. Certain groups in Israel want to rebuild the Jewish Temple but there is a problem that could easily start World War 3.

Despite Israel’s occupation of Jerusalem, the Islamic Dome of the Rock Temple stands on Temple Mount, in the place where the two historic Jewish Temples once stood. Muslims are allowed exclusively on the Temple Mount in an effort to keep the peace. Still, for the Jewish temple to be authentic, it must stand on the exact piece of ground that the original stood, and part of that is covered by the Dome of the Rock Temple. Tensions have risen recently in Israel over this land, according to CBN.

World War 3 beginning in Israel would definitely shake up the Christian, Muslim and Jewish communities. It would be seen as the end of days, the return of the Messiah and a holy war.

Dome of the Rock in Israel could also be a site for World War 3

World War 3 isn’t dependent on North Korea’s nuclear threat or the Middle East. It could be a bloody uprising of the populous. It could be a dispute of some other sort between virtually any group of nations, but there is no reason to think this is likely to happen this year or next.

Is North Korea’s World War 3 threat to be taken seriously. Perhaps so, but hopefully the threat of total annihilation will quell the fervor of North Koreans against the United States.

A North Korean attack on America would be tragic if it actually happened. The resulting damage, however, would not be nearly enough to prevent a retaliatory strike that would completely destroy North Korea, according to The Sun.

“The hermit state has threatened that ‘nuclear war could break out at any moment,’ but most experts believe it would not launch an attack as it would not survive a revenge strike by the US.”

World War 3 with North Korea could be a reality at some point in the future, as people and politicians forget the horror of World War II but would North Korea really attempt to strike the U.S. with a missile to start World War 3? Could North Korea develop something that reaches that far? It all seems doubtful, but they could hit Japan, South Korea or any number of other countries including China, either on purpose or by accident.

World War 3 could as likely start in the middle east as North Korea, giving rise to some of the biblical predictions of Revelations being fulfilled if Israel were attacked on a World War 3 scale. According to those predictions, the temple must be built first, and Israel is considering and preparing for just that, according to CBN.


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A North Korean start to World War 3, though hardly impossible, may not be the most likely problem to face the world in the coming years. Further, fear about the future only brings a darker future as fear impairs decision making.

Is World War 3 with North Korea or some other nation really a huge threat, or are people just stressed because of millennium anxiety?

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