Alaskan Bush People Scatter, Go Separate Ways For Love And Sickness On Season 7? [Opinion]

The Discovery Channel’s Alaskan Bush People have certainly offered up plenty of entertainment and started quite a bit of buzz around water coolers in the nation since first appearing on TV. This tight-knit family, whom some thought were too tight knit, have found that life’s circumstances can change their living situations in a blink of the eye and that is the dilemma the Alaskan Bush People face today.

Ami and Billy Brown have a brood of seven kids, and except for the two youngest girls, the rest of the clan is made up of their five adult children, who happen to be all boys. This family does everything together, including getting together very much like a wolf pack and howl at the moon, howl for happiness, and howl when there’s trouble. They’ve lived off the grid, but there’s too much debate over for how long and just how far off the grid their living situation really is. With that said, they do stick together, so much so, that they actually have acquired their own accent, which is derived from the English language.

There have been a few occasions since the Alaskan Bush People first went on-air that family members were separated from the rest, like when Matt Brown went to rehab and the patriarch Billy Brown went to prison with Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown, one of the older sons. They had to do some time for taking money from the State of Alaska’s pipeline benefit without living in the state within the required amount of time. That was it, and during those times it was hard on the rest of the family with one or two of them gone. In both incidents, it was known that Matt would return from rehab and Billy and Bam Bam would also come back to Browntown when their time in jail was done.

Things are different today, as two of the older boys are in love. Bam Bam has already moved to North Carolina with his girlfriend Alison, who was a producer of Alaskan Bush People when they fell in love. He should be seen in season 7 considering his girlfriend also had to return to Alaska to film the Alaskan Bush People show. Noah, who is also in his glory after finding his soul mate Rhaine, is planning to get married and according to Blasting News, he wants his marriage to be featured on the Alaskan Bush People show. It’s not hard to imagine that happening as that will surely pull in viewers. With TV shows being all about the ratings, this wedding should be a welcomed occasion on the screen.

There was some concern about Rhaine leaving after she couldn’t find a job in Hoonah while the family filmed in Browntown. Without money, there’s no place to live. That would have separated Noah and Rhaine while Noah filmed with the family. He took matters into his own hands ane went to his parents to ask them if she could come and live with them in Browntown.

According to Blasting News, the family wasn’t too thrilled with that idea and the people filming the Alaskan Bush People were also not willing to add her to the cast. Somehow or another, all has been fixed and apparently you won’t find out just how until you tune into the new season this month.

The saddest of all the events is happening to Ami, who is the mother of this brood. According to many reports, but none confirmed by the family or the Discovery Channel, she has been diagnosed with lung cancer. It has been confirmed that she is very sick, as Billy Brown confirms this in the season’s previews. The latest reports indicate that she’s receiving treatment in California for this disease. In the previews for the show, Billy Brown is heard saying his wife is very sick. Gabe, who was by his mom’s side in Los Angeles as his mom undergoes this treatment. He is rumored to still be in the new season but in interviews from Los Angeles only.

Then there’s Matt, who reportedly stored gunpowder in a mason jar inside his refrigerator and it blew up. Reports vary from Matt being in a critical condition to having a boatload of staples in his head and being released from the hospital. Reports indicate he was badly injured after the refrigerator door became airborne during the explosion, smashing him in the head. So he is either stapled up and at home or in the hospital recuperating. This should be answered in the new season, which starts next week.

One can only surmise that the answers to these questions are the Brown Family’s equivalent of cliffhangers, which will all be answered when Season 7 begins. Billy Brown is heard saying that because Ami is so sick, the family might need to leave Browntown for good.

Tune in on June 14 to the Discovery Channel for a new season of the Alaskan Bush People. The show starts at 9 p.m. EST.

[Featured Image by Molly Riley/AP Images]