Loretta Lynch Fed To Flock Of Seagulls By Former FBI Director [Opinion]

James Comey was a fountain of information today, even spouting off about Loretta Lynch and how she tried to downplay the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. Comey told the Senate Committee on Thursday that he was told by Lynch not to refer to Hillary Clinton’s investigation as an “investigation.” She directed him to call it a “matter.”

When Comey questioned why they would call it a “matter” instead of what it really is, Lynch basically told him that is what she wants. Comey said he was concerned over this use of language because it was “talking about the FBI’s work.”

Comey said that when he tried to follow Lynch’s directions and told the press that the FBI was looking into a “matter” regarding Hillary Clinton the press ignored his words. They called it for what it was, just as Comey should have called it. It was an FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Comey said the FBI doesn’t look into “matters,” they do criminal investigations and the press very well knows this. Then there was that meeting of Lynch with Bill Clinton who just happened to be on the same tarmac as she was. This meeting was what prompted Comey to go public with the email server investigation results, according to the New York Post.

Comey said that he had no choice but to do something that would protect the credibility of the FBI and the Justice Department, according to the National Review. He went public with the email investigation after Lynch’s attempt to pour perfume over the seriousness of the case so that it would smell much better than it should, as a “matter” rather than an “investigation.”

The New York Post reports that Comey said Thursday how “he suspected former Attorney General Loretta Lynch was in cahoots with the Hillary Clinton Campaign last summer.” This would explain her attempt to soften the wording around the FBI investigation into Hillary. It was a “matter,” which sounds much less serious than a criminal investigation.

The American Spectator suggests that ” Loretta Lynch didn’t just obstruct, she directed and James Comey complied, with scuttling the Hillary Clinton investigation and renaming it a “matter” instead of an investigation.” This seems ludicrous considering they had Comey being questioned by this committee to investigate whether Trump obstructed justice or not. It was like they lived in glass houses and threw boulders instead of stones, as the old adage goes.

From Comey’s own testimony, Trump told Comey that he wanted to get to the bottom of the Russian business. At the same time, he repeated to Comey what he had said countless times before in public and that was how Mike Flynn is a good man and he’s falsely being dragged through the mud. Again, coming from Comey’s own testimony, Trump “hoped” that Comey could let this go, the investigation concerning only Mike Flynn.

This is what the critics are spewing about, calling it an “obstruction of justice” on Trump’s part. Yet, the shenanigans that went on with Lynch, attempting to disguise a criminal investigation in progress against Hillary Clinton as a “matter,” doesn’t seem to ruffle the feathers of the same people crying foul about Trump. Once more, Comey went along with Lynch, up until a point.


Obstruction of justice? What do you call Comey taking notes in a meeting with Donald Trump and calling it his “personal documentation” of that meeting and then leaking it to the press via a friend? What Trump and Comey talked about was not meant for the public’s ears, yet a man who spent a good deal of his time attempting to track down leaks within the government becomes one of those leakers himself once ousted from his job. When Comey was asked why he, himself, did not deliver the documented notes on his meeting with Trump to the press, he had a whopper of an answer. He said he had the press camped out at the end of his driveway and for him to do this it would be like “feeding the seagulls.”

We may never know the real reason Comey was let go by Trump, but after getting a glimpse of the former FBI director today, this might make you wonder. Why did he wait so long to reveal how Lynch made up her own classification for Hillary’s probe, calling it a “matter.” Why did he wait until after he was canned to leak the documentation on his meeting with Trump?

This is all a bit fishy, but it should all come out in the wash if American justice hasn’t tarnished like some of the players of this arm of the government. After watching Comey’s testimony for a while, you may have gotten the feeling that Trump wasn’t the person they should probe. It sounds as if Hillary and Bill Clinton, along with Loretta Lynch and James Comey, have participated in deeds that would constitute the opening of a “matter” of their own.

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