Will Melania Trump’s Parents Move Into White House On Wednesday’s Big Moving Day? [Opinion]

Melania and Barron Trump will be heading to Washington, D.C., next week to their new home in the White House. Thursday morning on Fox & Friends, Brian Kilmeade quips that Melania Trump has the bubble wrap in Trump Tower prepping for the big push on June 14.

The move to the White House is set to be smooth sailing, but once Melania arrives in D.C. to her 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue destination, smooth sailing isn’t the best description for the choppy waters surrounding the people’s house these days. This will be a big change for both Melania and Barron, but especially for Barron, as Trump Tower is the only place the 11-year-old has called home.

Melania’s parents also live in Trump Tower, and they’ve played a big part in Barron’s upbringing, as Victor and Amalija Knavs fill in for Melania when she needs someone to look after her son. Barron doesn’t have a nanny, and Melania’s parents are there for him when she needs to be elsewhere, including the nine-day overseas trip she accompanied her husband on last month.

Will Melania’s mom and dad move into the White House with the Trump family? Not exactly. According to the Business Insider, Melania’s parents will be “making more appearances” at the White House, but they won’t call it their full-time home. If Victor and Amalija move into the White House, this wouldn’t be the first time a first lady had a parent living with them at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Michelle Obama’s mother lived with the Obama family at the White House, according to the Miami Herald. Deemed the “First Granny,” Marian Robinson spent all eight years at the White House with the Obama family. You didn’t see much of Michelle’s mother in pictures, and she wasn’t often talked about in the news, but she was there inside the walls of the White House with her daughter, son-in-law, and two granddaughters.

Michelle Obama even had her best friend living on the premises of the White House, so she had a nice support system built right in with her mom and her best pal, Valerie Jarrett. According to the Daily Mail, Jarrett is best friends with both Michelle and Barack Obama. They are so close that she moved from the White House with the Obama family right into their new D.C. mansion with them.


It would make sense for Melania’s parents to move into the White House when Melania and Barron make the big move next week. It would undoubtedly make the transition much smoother for Barron, who is extremely close to his grandparents. It would most likely be a comfort for Melania to have her parents there with her. Even if Victor and Amalija do intend to move into the White House, that is probably something the Trump Administration would want to keep under wraps. Not because there is anything wrong with this — there’s not — but that is not how the anti-Trump population will see it.

Life would go much smoother for the Trumps if Melania’s parents were there on a prolonged visit rather than announcing that they will be joining the family as White House dwellers, and that’s a shame. Although it wasn’t widely publicized that Michelle Obama’s mother and her best friend were occupants of the White House until it was time to move out. That is when the rumor started that Michelle’s mother was going to draw a pension for living at the White House. That, of course, was a rumor and wasn’t true, as ABC News reported back in January. They debunked it as “fake news” after the buzz had Michelle’s mother collecting a pension just for having that famous address.

The backlash seems to follow just about anything Donald Trump does, so the last thing the Trump family would probably want is the backlash that would emerge if they announced Melania’s parents were moving into the White House. Melania’s parents are extremely private people. Even at the inauguration, there was no mention of them, but they were in the crowd behind their daughter as they unassumingly watched the proceedings. It has already been announced that they won’t move into the White House with their daughter. If by chance their visits turn into a living situation in D.C., hopefully by then the Trump’s have a strategy so the anti-Trump public doesn’t come down on Victor and Amalija Knavs. Barron has been through so much already in the months since his father took office, the last thing this child needs is to see the anti-Trump public go after his grandparents.

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