‘One Thicc Bih’: The Insanely Catchy Pop Music Meme About Lewd Cartoons [Opinion]

“One Thicc Bih” is the newest meme, and it’s so catchy that there is little doubt it will only keep blowing up in popularity. Like most internet memes, it’s pretty juvenile in nature and ultimately useless, but it will more than likely give you a good laugh and provide you with a tune that gets stuck in your head for days. Be warned, vulgar objectification of several cartoon characters (and a tuna fish) lies ahead.

“One Thicc Bih” is basically a collection of short song clips that are all set to the same tune and which follow an only slightly varying lyrical formula, specified below.

“[Insert name of cartoon character, video game character, or fish] is one Thicc Bih/let me/see that [insert variation on the word “pussy” that substitutes the first letter or first few letters of the subject’s name]

In the version of “One Thicc Bih” targeting Spongebob Squarepants character Bubble Bass, for example, the pop singer tells her listeners “Bubble Bass/is one Thicc Bih/let me/see that Bublussy.” In the rendition directed at Wario, the singer orders Wario to let her see “that Waussy.”

There are also versions for Trudy Proud, Mr. Krabs, Sonic the Hedgehog, Snorlax, and a tuna fish.

Probably tho one version that is primarily responsible for the rise to the top of “One Thicc Bih” is the one riffing on The Babadook, the 2014 movie monster The Inquisitr reports has in the past few days gained status as an LGBTQ meme.


Because #Babadook was trending on social media for most of the day yesterday, “One Thicc Bih: Babadook Edition” was seen by a lot of people and, because the little tune is so damn catchy, got shared like nobody’s business.

The Babadook spin on the song insists that “Ba-abadooook is one thicc bih/let mee/see that Babusyy.”

The clip even comes with a demented-looking computer rendering of the Babadook himself and a background that cycles between swaths of bright and contrasting colors.

As The Daily Dot notes, social media users have been making it clear the ridiculously catchy set of songs have literally been keeping them up at night, and I agree wholeheartedly with the piece’s assertion that “One Thicc Bih” is destined to join the ranks of memes that will be remembered for several months at least.

The various versions of “One Thicc Bih” were made using Ditty, an app that accepts any text and substitutes it for the lyrics of any song in its library. It’s pretty nifty.

The tune for “One Thicc Bih” was not manufactured just for the meme. It is originally from the song “Good Day,” by Flash Garments and produced by J. Mac. Well, kind of. The female vocalist in the meme version is not in the original and was presumably added in by some industrious web-surfer, but the melody is included in the song’s background track. In the time since “One Thicc Bih” exploded onto the internet’s meme scene, “Good Day” has been taken down from J. Mac’s Soundcloud. Which is a shame, because it is actually a pretty good song that sounds like it involved a lot of top-notch talent. Luckily, though, a version is still available on Youtube.


Again, this meme is, at the end of the day, pretty stupid. But aren’t good memes sort of supposed to be so stupid they’re charming? And “One Thicc Bih” has all the things from which a viral meme benefits: nostalgic characters, a repetitive phrase that can easily be modified to fit a wide range of situations, lewd humor, and a tune you just can’t shake. It’s a textbook recipe for social media success!

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