White House Sex Scandals Smolder, But President And First Lady Have No Fires To Douse [Opinion]

The Trump critics are trying really hard to paint Donald and Melania Trump as a duo of disenchanted spouses who are finding sexual activities outside of their marriage. Even with Comey’s congressional hearing tomorrow, articles are popping up reporting how Trump’s alleged hooker involvement will be brought up during the proceedings.

Since the day Trump threw his hat into the ring to run for the White House, someone has been trolling around attempting to dig up as much dirt on the former real estate mogul as they could. They went after his taxes as well as his donations to charity. They are still going after his kids, which should be taboo, at least for his 11-year-old son. The accusations made about Trump and his family are enough to make the average person fold and move on, but not this president.

The critics have found women to say Trump did this or that to them, but Trump also had women from his past and present saying just the opposite. They said he didn’t consider women as equals to men, but women working in his businesses have advanced right alongside men and are making a salary the same or even more than their male counterparts. Some of those women felt compelled to speak out on behalf of Trump about the career advances awarded them in the businesses run by him.

Now Russian hookers suddenly become part of the conversation of the congressional hearing starting tomorrow, with Deadline News reporting that Comey said Trump “did not hang with Russian hookers.” Comey reported that Trump said during a phone call to him that “he had nothing to do with Russia, had not been involved with hookers in Russia, and had always assumed he was being recorded when in Russia,” writes Deadline.

If nothing else works, apparently sex is the way to go, but with Donald and Melania Trump, these two are strong and they seem to know each other so well that no matter what appears in the news or online, there is no suspicion coming from one about the other. Since dirt didn’t stick to Trump, it appears Melania was next in line.

Over the weekend a woman described as “a novelist” claimed that Melania Trump is having an affair with the man who is head of security for the Tiffany’s located inside Trump Towers. The woman telling tales is named Monica Byrne and apparently, she was being discreet by not divulging the man’s name, but she didn’t have to.

It didn’t take long for some armchair sleuth to look up the name of the person in that position at Tiffany’s that Byrne had so coyly noted and then post the name online so everyone would know. According to Blasting News, the man in this claimed affair is allegedly Hank Siemers. His name surfaced online as Hank Siemers and there is a man by this name who is reportedly the vice president of Global Retail Security. His picture is seen below.

Siemers’ career profile states that he is responsible for “safeguarding Tiffany & Co.’s brand, assets, and people.” This poor guy was probably in for a rude awakening, but hopefully, he was pre-warned by the Trump administration of the rumor before his name and picture saturated the internet.

Melania Trump sent a sweet tweet out to her followers on Friday night about the Ford Theatre gig she attended, which is seen below.

The tweet was infiltrated by anti-Trump people and someone posted a disparaging tweet mentioning the man in those Melania Trump affair rumors. They also posted a picture of this man, as seen below. People were taunting her about the alleged affair with comments. Siemers is also called a “hottie” several times in the comments. As many trolls that are out there gunning for the Trumps to topple, there are many more supporters. One person wrote on social media, “Stupid crap about Hank Siemers. Tiffany’s isn’t even IN Trump Tower. It’s next door.” Through all of this Melania kept quiet. This type of garbage is not worth any type of energy. Again, she and her husband are so in tune with each other that they don’t need to defend themselves against ludicrous claims.

Melania is one classy lady. She ignores this type of stuff and it eventually does go away. This woman writer didn’t hide the fact that she loathes Trump. Probably the only honest thing she said in this report was that her goal for revealing this affair was so it would accelerate the rate of self-destruction of Donald Trump. Well, it’s not hard to spot that hidden agenda coming from this rumor surfacing online. The Trumps might see the sparks of alleged affairs rumored online, but they don’t have any fires to douse. They are a strong and committed couple so they don’t need to deny this publicly, giving the Byrnes of this world just what they want, the knowledge that they were able to rattle the Trumps.

[Featured Image by Carolyn Kaster/AP Images]