Melania Trump Statue Is Actually A Lawn Ornament, Sparks Global Angst [Opinion]

Melania Trump’s image has been created out of plaster by a Bosnian sculptor who has conjured up quite the global buzz with some very elaborate garden gnomes erected on his lawn. This statue of Melania has cropped up next to her husband, President Donald Trump, whose plaster image has one hand on a very dwarfed looking Vladimir Putin.

Putin appears as stiff-looking as Melania and Donald Trump, as he too is a recreated plaster version propped up on a lawn with the leader of the free world and the first lady. Why these statues are drawing so much attention is unknown today, but people sure have a lot to say when comparing the real-life first lady to a Melania Trump likeness in cold plaster form. This is just the man’s private collection; these statues are not standing in the center of Rome or Washington. Instead, they are more like lawn ornaments planted on what looks like a grassy area in a small town.

These popular well-known characters were created by Stevo Selak, and for some reason, they have become a curiosity of the masses across the globe. Stevo Selak created this artwork, and it is not as if they sit in a place of prominence — they are on a lawn in the artist’s hometown of Banja Luka in Bosnia. He is proud of his creations, but suddenly they’ve become the target of worldwide criticism.

Most of the headlines about the Melania Trump statue convey that this sculpture looks nothing like the first lady. Melania Trump is slender and very elegant, with slight shoulders and arms, but this statue is created more in the form of a woman with excess flesh in the shoulder and upper arms. The statue’s legs didn’t quite capture Melania’s long, slender limbs. While the face is a good attempt, many are complaining that Melania’s true beauty was not captured here.

Selak did say he had a tougher time with the Melania statue than he did with the men’s images he’s created because a woman has more curves than a man. The lack of curves on the statue of Melania might be evidence of that.

Once Selak got wind of all the critiques coming from every corner of the world he stepped up to defend his work saying he even consulted a hair stylist while Melania’s statue was in the works. He believes he has captured all the beauty that emanates from the U.S. first lady, reports the Daily Mail.

Selak has also shared that the locals think he captured the likeness of Melania in his work, but their critiques can’t be as harsh as the ones seen online and in the comments sections of the many articles published on this statue. They probably see him every day and probably wouldn’t want to hurt the guy’s feelings. There is always the slight chance that seeing the statue of Melania in person could reveal more of a likeness than the pictures of his artwork reveal.

Dee123 commented, “Melania Trump? Looks more like Caitlyn Jenner” on the Digital Spy forum under the comments for Melania’s statue.

This is another famous woman who other commenters tagged as the person who looks most like this statue. Coincidentally, Caitlyn Jenner is someone who wanted to impersonate Melania Trump on Saturday Night Live long before this statue came to be, and the host of the talk show said she could be Melania Trump’s lookalike, as reported by the Sun.

Some were more interested in the background images.

Annette Kurten asked, “Is that Jesus with the sandals in the background?”

Big Sky Cowboy had a tip for the sculptor, writing “Not very good Bro. Don’t quit your day job.”

Trying To Find writes about all the images erected on the sculpture’s lawn, saying, “Seriously speaking they’re all ATROCIOUS!”

There weren’t many comments to be found that conveyed something positive about Melania’s statue, although some did say the poor guy who made these statues was minding his own business when the world opened up and rained on his parade.

The artist was just doing this for himself and sharing it with his neighbors. He liked the completed pieces of artwork, so that’s all that should matter. But the rest of world comes along and verbally tears his garden ornaments apart with the many less-than-stellar critiques posted online today.

[Featured Image by Virginia Mayo/AP Images]