Hank Williams Jr. Is Back On ESPN: Thomas Gibson And Tim Allen Fans Still Pushing ABC, CBS Boycott [Opinion]

Hank Williams Jr., Thomas Gibson, and now Tim Allen were displaced from television for various reasons. Now Hank is back on ESPN’s Monday Night Football after six years. What can be learned from this?

Hank Williams Jr. is being welcomed back to ESPN and after six years, and Williams is willing to say “Are you ready for some football?” again. Those words have not escaped Hank Williams Jr.’s lips, at least not publicly, since he was fired from Monday Night Football on ESPN six years ago.

As Thomas Gibson and Tim Allen fans continue to boycott ABC and CBS, there is a reason for encouragement in Hank Williams Jr.’s return for Gibson and Allen fans. A group called Mad As H**L has some suggestions that might help as well. The group has been boycotting ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, and ESPN sponsors since 2012.

Tim Allen fans, even though their show might be saved by FOX, need to remain vigilant. They should not forget to keep on pressing to make sure Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing has a permanent home on FOX and make people remember what ABC tried to do.

Hank Williams Jr. was sorely missed by football fans so ESPN brought him back to “Monday Night Football.” Political and social agendas took a back seat in favor of Hank Williams Jr. fans. ESPN explained their reasons in a statement quoted in the Chicago Tribune.

“Fans told us they missed it, so we’re excited to bring this popular segment back to ESPN for the 2017 NFL season with some new twists.”

Hank Williams Jr. fans don’t care about agendas or how others view flamboyant statements made by Hank Williams Jr. on FOS. Fans only care about seeing Hank Williams Jr. Could Thomas Gibson and Tim Allen fans see the stars and shows they want to see on ABC and CBS as well?

Thomas Gibson and Tim Allen supporters miss their favorites stars as much as football fans missed Hank Williams Jr. Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing attracted viewers in search of a clean, family-oriented television show they could watch with their children, but ABC pulled the plug.

Without Thomas Gibson, Criminal Minds is not the same show, according to Thomas Gibson activists at #NoHotchNoWatch. Thomas Gibson was fired by ABC and CBS. Even worse, Gibson supporters allege that CBS and ABC made a spectacle of his firing and smeared his name.

Hank Williams Jr. is beloved by the same demographic that loves football. Hank Williams Jr.’s removal from ESPN’s Monday Night Football was taken personally by a lot of viewers. People feel vindicated now that he is back.

Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing was pulled despite exemplary ratings, but viewers allege Tim’s show was canceled because Tim Allen presented an alternative view that didn’t fit the network’s agenda. ABC reportedly only wanted to move Friday night programming away from comedy.

Thomas Gibson of Criminal Minds

Hank Williams Jr. fans did not give up. Hank Williams Jr. supporters complained for six long years. Thomas Gibson’s #NoHotchNoWatch boycott say they aren’t going anywhere either after their first year of Twitter protests and boycotts.

Tim Allen fans are new to the boycott game, but Thomas Gibson supporters, who have been boycotting Criminal Minds for nearly a year already, know they are in it for the long haul. It is important not to lose steam and to stay visible.

Thomas Gibson fans stopped watching Criminal Minds and ratings plummeted, but still Criminal Minds was renewed. Would ABC and CBS rather take the hit than back down? Thomas Gibson supporters at #NoHotchNoWatch are now boycotting ABC and CBS.

Hank Williams Jr. fans have their star back on Monday Night Football. Thomas Gibson and Tim Allen fans should take heart. It might not be that long for them, but it is important to keep on fighting and get that word out.

Hank Williams Jr. country musician and sports enthusiast

Tim Allen fans, as well as #NoHotchNoWatch boycotters, need to maintain momentum and boycott the advertisers as well as refusing to watch the offending networks, according to Mad As H**l. FOX is considering taking the Last Man Standing show into their own lineup, but now is not the time for Tim Allen fans to go quietly into obscurity.

Hank Williams Jr. fans were still complaining six years later. That and a substantial drop in viewers is what got Hank back on ESPN. Cable TV ratings are suffering more than network television, but ratings for conventional TV are declining rapidly as well, and as for cable? AMC’s The Walking Dead is still the most heavily watched program on TV, so perhaps cable customers will still pay for programming they want to see.


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Hank Williams Jr. fans, Tim Allen fans, and Thomas Gibson fans at #NoHotchNoWatch are telling ABC, CBS, and ESPN what they want to see, but only ESPN has listened so far. Do people have a right to demand better programming? Do they have a right to call out networks for allegedly pushing an agenda at the expense of quality programming?

Hank Williams Jr., Tim Allen, and Thomas Gibson fans are fighting back.

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