Gyrating Drag Queen At Grade School Show Shocks And Peeves Off Parents — Video [Opinion]

The parents who accompanied their kids to a school talent show went from total shock to total fury as they watched a grown man do his drag queen performance on stage complete with erotic moves. Kids as young as five-years-old were in the audience as this man flashed his G-string and did tongue gymnastics for all to see.

Parent Raquel Morales, who was in the audience, said that her “first reaction was what the hell is going on.” According to Todd Starnes, the parents were enraged that the school would allow such a performance. They were told before the talent show that they would have a “special surprise performance” that would close out the P.S. 96’s talent show at Museo del Bario in Harlem last week,” according to PIX 11 News.

Todd Starnes reports that one of the parents wanted to know how the “school district would allow a grown man to spread his legs and display his crotch to wide-eyed children.” The parents didn’t sit for this act for any length of time. It seems that once people realized what was going on, the auditorium was full of dropped jaws. While they watched the performance, that went on for seven minutes, when the drag queen dropped and made some very embarrassing moves, people started to yell.

Once the yelling erupted, this was the point when some of the parents with their children in tow started to exit the auditorium. The seven-minute routine was captured on a cell phone by Raquel Morales. When the drag queen dropped to the stage and started making sexual-type movements across the floor, “the auditorium erupted,” writes Starnes.

When the drag queen slid across the stage with those rather provocative moves, chaos broke out, and this is when the rest of the parents made a B-line for the exit, reports Morales. Believe it or not, the person who did this drag queen performance was allegedly identified as working for the school district.

Morales reached out to the school district who told her the performance was booked as part of bringing LGBT awareness to the school. PIX 11 News reports that this was billed as a kid’s talent show and the drag queen performance followed the kids’ acts on stage. Children singing and a kid giving a piano recital, these are the acts the parents expected to see. When all the youngsters were done, that is when the drag queen show started and the talent show took a bizarre turn.

Morales has been trying to get an apology from P.S. 96 School District for the community after they exposed these kids and the parents to the risque show, but she hasn’t heard back. She was at the school’s talent show with her 10-year-old son, who she said was confused by what he saw. Morales described the drag queen’s performance as the finale of the show, which is what a flyer that was passed out by the school promised as a “special surprise” for the finale.

According to PIX 11, Morales was perplexed over “how any adult in their right mind would think it’s OK to show your crotch to young children and think it was suitable for that audience.” NBC News reports that the drag queen was identified as the president of the PTA at P.S. 96., Frankie Quinones.

There was a flyer sent out by the school advertising the event and nothing at all was said about a drag queen performance. On the flyer, it billed the finale of the talent show as “a special surprise performance.” It was special and one heck of a surprise alright for the parents as well as the kids. Morales told NBC News that even as she taped this performance with her cell phone she thought she must be dreaming because there was no way this can happen at a school assembly.

It is amazing that the school got away with this after watching the video above. This really wasn’t any way to make the kids aware of the LGBT community, as they claimed when the complaint first came in. It doesn’t matter if this person was gay, straight, or bisexual, the movements were too over-the-top provocative to expose school children to this.

[Featured Image by John Locher/AP Images]