Kathy Griffin was reduced to tears and having a meltdown on camera for all to see after her disturbing photo took her lucrative career to the unemployment line. President Trump is apparently to blame for Griffin losing sight of how far she was going by striking a pose with a mock severed head of Trump. If you listen to Griffin’s press conference, Donald Trump is responsible for everything.

Griffin and her attorney called a press conference this morning, and she came out as a damsel in distress. She promised to divulge her “true motivation” behind the photo, which is what she said in the statement that was sent out announcing the press conference. She really never got around to that, she played the victim throughout this conference.

Griffin cried while telling everyone she’s been fired from CNN and five other jobs that she was signed onto are now gone. She said she doesn’t think she’ll have a career left and it was Trump and his family who “broke her.” Trump’s family is out to ruin her life for good, she tells reporters. She then said, “you guys know him, he’s not going to stop.”

As far as Trump and his family are concerned, they’ve been going about business as usual. Once they posted their initial response to her disturbing ploy, they moved on. Not Griffin though, she has spun herself into a victim, and the Trump family is supposedly out to get her.

Is this an attempt to make people feel sorry for her? She knew from the get-go that she would be condemned for this picture. She was caught on video saying to the photographer that once this picture is posted, they may have to move to Mexico. Today it looks like she was probably right, that is if she wants to find some gainful employment.

Griffin addressed Trump’s report on how Barron Trump having a hard time with this picture that she posted. She said she never meant to hurt anyone, let alone a child. She reiterates that she is a comedian and she does things in a joking manner and sometimes people expect her to go over the top. This was no joke, and no matter how hard she pushes the American public with her excuses, this is not remotely seen as something she did with the thought that she’d conjure up laugh.

Maybe she wants to be the leader of the anti-Trump movement among her Hollywood peers, but unfortunately for Miss Griffin, many of them want nothing to do with her ploy like the rest of the nation. She said over and over again how the president is coming after her. Donald Trump and his family never bothered her, what she is talking about. She was the one who went after Trump with that picture.

She calls Donald Trump a bully and states she is not afraid of him. She said, “if you don’t stand up, you get run over.” Instead, it looks more like she slammed Trump with that sickening severe head picture.

Talk about turning things around. Kathy Griffin, who posted a picture of herself in an ISIS-like pose holding the mock severed head of Donald Trump, is now putting all the blame on Trump, his “grown” children and the first lady. She claims they are trying to ruin her life forever, as reported by The Washington Post.

So how is this happening? Donald and Melania Trump, along with Donald Trump Jr. all posted a reaction to Griffin’s disgusting picture. the president called her “sick,” his adult son felt her apology was not sincere and Melania suggested that one has to wonder if someone who would do such a thing might be suffering from mental illness.

These reactions are fairly calm in comparison to that picture she posted. While the Trump family was peeved, it was the rest of the nation who threw much worse her way for this ploy. Even Anderson Cooper, her co-host for the CNN special she does on New Year’s Eve, hopped online to make it quite clear he was “appalled” by her post, and he also called it “disgusting.”

Through the sobs and tears, a flicker of defiance kicked in, and she vows to make fun of the president more now than she ever did before. But where are you going to do that from? Within the confines of your bathroom for the echo effect because you haven’t got a venue open to you to put on a show to make fun of the president.

She is getting death threats, and she doesn’t like it. No matter what she’s done, death threats are not warranted, but with that said, what does she think her picture looked like? It looked like an ISIS-inspired pose against the president to many. Griffin wasn’t wishing the president well by holding a replica of his head all covered in blood. Apparently, she can dish it out, but she can’t take it.

You can watch Kathy Griffin’s damsel in distress routine in the video above. Yes, she is losing her jobs, but that isn’t because Trump has orchestrated her career to fall apart. Kathy Griffin did that all on her own. She is too dangerous to take on when it comes to ratings, as the masses will do just about anything to avoid her right now. After what she did she couldn’t give a product away in a commercial. Both Trump supporters and many people who are anti-Trump are furious at her for doing this disturbing ploy. She will find that many people want nothing to do with furthering her career if this is what she intends to do with her fame.

[Featured Image by Mark J. Terrill/AP Images]