Hillary Clinton Snubbed Michelle Obama — Wouldn’t Share Jet With ‘Mrs. O’? [Opinion]

Did Hillary Clinton And Michelle Obama Put One Heck Of A Show On When It Comes To Friendship?

Hillary Clinton put on a great act around Barrack Obama when she was Secretary of State, but a newly released batch of emails seem to indicate that was only an act. These emails also demonstrate how Hillary refused to share a plane with Michelle Obama when heading to the funeral of Betty Ford.

The new emails appear to offer up a treasure trove of Hillary’s true feelings on certain people including her then boss, President Barack Obama. The Judicial Watch, a government watchdog group, obtained these emails under the Freedom of Information Act.

It appears that Hillary sure fooled the masses with her physical embraces of Michelle Obam during her campaign. She is seen time and time again giving Michelle a hug, the same woman she didn’t want to share a plane with. This was learned through Hillary’s correspondence with Huma Abedin in emails. When making travel plans she lets Huma know that she doesn’t want to travel with “Mrs. O.”

Earlier released messages also shared how Hillary felt about Barack Obama as well, as told in emails sent by people around Hillary and President Obama at the time. Jeffery Leeds, who is considered a “megadonor” of the Democratic Party, sent an email to Colin Powell back in 2015 that told a story of no love lost between Hillary and Barack Obama, as reported by the Free Beacon.

According to the Free Beacon, Leeds wrote to Powell about how Hillary sees Obama, who was the president at the time. He writes, “And she HATES that the president (‘that man,’ as the Clintons call him) kicked her ass in 2008.” He also suggested that when Obama won, “She can’t believe it or accept it.”

Does this sound familiar? Is history is repeating itself with Hillary Clinton? It seems that since her election lost to Trump, she’s been on a self-pitying binge, which is seen through the recent interviews she’s given.

Hillary won’t take any responsibility for her election loss and she is dragging more people into this blame game she’s got going on. During an interview this week she pointed her finger of blame at the Democratic Party with their lack of updated data and funds.

According to CNN Politics, Hillary claims that the data she was given by her party to navigate around the voters “was mediocre to poor, nonexistent, wrong.” Another complaint she made in a rather stern voice was, “I had to inject money into it,” meaning the Democratic Party itself. She made sure that the audience for this interview knew that she inherited “nothing” from the Democratic Party. This caused a backlash from party members who have countered Hillary’s claim today. The report that data was correct, it is just that Hillary didn’t use it correctly.

As far as Barack Obama goes, these emails seemed to indicate that the feeling was rather mutual between him and Hillary. Some of these emails released discussed the mounting concerns over the controversy growing at the time over Hillary’s private server.

Leeds conveyed that Obama wouldn’t care about Hillary getting into legal trouble over this. He wrote that he didn’t think Obama would “weep” if Hillary did find herself in legal trouble. He also wrote that Hillary would “pummel” Obama’s legacy if she is given that chance and “he knows it.”

If that is the case, then check out the drama going on below in the Facebook post video. Maybe an Academy Award is forthcoming.

If this doesn’t spell out discord in the Democratic party, nothing does. After hearing about the lack of respect the top brass had for one another it is probably not hard to understand why Hillary’s campaign was ill-fated from the start. There were also many contradictions in these emails from what Hillary showed in public to how she really felt in private.

Clinton came off as a candidate who was in favor of lowering the carbon footprint for this country as part of battling the climate change. One of her campaign promises was to take “bold steps to slash carbon pollution at home and around the world.” In one of Hillary’s emails to Huma, when she was the Secretary of State, she asked Huma to secure an Air Force jet for her trip from New York back to Washington.

Hillary complained how she found commercial airlines “burdensome.” According to the Free Beacon, Hillary and Bill Clinton spent over $2 million in private jets. This didn’t seem to fall in place for her “bold steps” promise to battle carbon footprints. Hillary and the Obama’s seem to be knee-deep in old-time politics, which is to say one thing even if you are going to do the other. The ill feelings that festered between Hillary and the Obama couple were hidden well around those hugs that were seen as Hillary was attempting her journey to the White House.

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