‘Wonder Woman’ Sequel Theories: Which Villains Should The Heroine Fight Next? [Opinion]

A Wonder Woman sequel seems to be becoming more and more possible by the minute as the film featuring the famous DC heroine get positive feedback as it rolls out in theaters worldwide.

This year’s Wonder Woman starring Israeli actress and model Gal Gadot is definitely one of the best movies in the DC Extended Universe as it gets stellar reviews from critics on top of the 93 percent “Certified Fresh” rating from Rotten Tomatoes days before its debut.

In fact, the website’s critics consensus deemed the film to be “thrilling, earnest, and buoyed by Gal Gadot’s charismatic performance,” leaving comic book fans as well as those who were just convinced by their friends’ enthusiasm for the movie wondering: Will there be a Wonder Woman sequel?

While the answer to that remains uncertain, director Patty Jenkins has already given her word that it would be set in modern times should DC approve a follow up for the film, per Hollywood Reporter. Unfortunately, there is very little information about the plot and which colorful characters from the DC Extended Universe will be in it as of the writing of this article.

Fortunately, we have the luxury to speculate now that the movie is about to hit theaters all over the world, with a lot of people expecting so much after reading stellar reviews about it.

The film which follows the story of Amazonian princess Diana whose life idyllic life on the island of Themyscira where only female warriors reside is interrupted by a nearby crash. Probing the commotion, Diana then discovers that pilot Steve Trevor’s (Chris Pine) plane was shot down and later learns that the world is at war.

While we cannot assume anything from the movie’s plot yet, there is definitely room to speculate in terms of which villains can be added to the mix in should there be a Wonder Woman sequel.

Cheetah, for instance, can make a great foe simply because she is Diana’s oldest and most personal enemies, per a report from the Tech Times.

While there are many versions of this villain in the comics, the one from the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” storyline. This iteration describes Cheetah to be born after archeologist Barbara Ann Minerva was imbued with the magical powers of the character during a trip to Africa. What makes her more interesting than others is the fact that she was once Diana’s friend—albeit a fake one.

During her quest to uncover the power of the Lasso of Truth, Minerva meets the Amazonian princess and feigns friendship with her. From there, the villain’s obsession goes from learning about the lasso to beating Diana in battle. Talk about a classic foe storyline that would definitely be a good start for the Wonder Woman sequel.

Of course, there is also Circe, a sorceress who wants Wonder Woman dead simply because she fears her. Unlike other villains who have fought the Amazonian warrior in the comics, Circe has an interesting personality since she can be a bit of a manipulator. Plus, making the filmmakers dive into the mythical side of the franchise is definitely an interesting thing to see.

In fact, Circe even tried to destroy the universe by manipulating gods to start a war that forced DC superheroes to step up their game much like what is expected to happen in Marvel’s upcoming Infinity Wars. Come to think of it, making a Wonder Woman sequel that could match the plotted Avengers movie can be worth watching.

'Wonder Woman' Stars Israeli Actress Gal Gadot

While it won’t hurt to speculate about a follow up, there is still room for error as not everyone is pleased with the movie based on reviews posted online.

At one point, The Guardian even noted how the movie “reduced” Gal Gadot into a “weaponized Smurfette,” giving the film a two out of five rating.

Wonder Woman sequel or not, do you agree that these characters should be given airtime? Sound off in the comments below.

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