Rosie O’Donnell Bullies First Son Again With Cruel Tweet [Opinion]

Rosie O’Donnell seems to forget what happened the last time she tweeted her thoughts about Barron Trump: She ended up apologizing to Melania Trump after major outrage erupted. What is up with Rosie’s latest tweet about Barron? Hasn’t she learned her lesson about going after kids? Did she worry that fellow comedian Kathy Griffin would out-do her in grabbing the attention of the masses after Griffin’s horrendous mock beheading of Trump put the former My Life on the D-List star in the news? It also looks like this ploy put Griffin on the unemployment line, so this is not an event to aspire to.

Rosie’s latest comment is about the picture that Griffin posted online of her holding a mock severed head of Trump. It was if she were defending Griffin against the latest news of how Barron happened upon that picture while watching TV. After Kathy Griffin posted a disgusting photo, the gates of fury opened and Griffin was slammed from all directions. Even the people who are outspoken anti-Trump enthusiasts found her ploy unspeakable.

Her co-host for CNN’s New Year’s Eve special, Anderson Cooper, was one of many people who took to social media to officially distance themselves from Griffin by denouncing her ploy. One of the companies that she had done a commercial for promised she would not be seen promoting their product again. CNN also fired Griffin from their New Year’s Eve special, reports the Wall Street Journal.

There wasn’t much support for Griffin, as what she did was cruel, mean, and certainly not funny. What came next was Donald Trump tweeting that what Griffin did this was “sick.” It was disturbing for his kids to see, “especially Barron,” who at only 11-years-old, was having a “hard time with this.” Trump also said that Griffin “should be ashamed of herself.” Donald Trump’s tweet is seen below.

Then TMZ released the details of Barron seeing the Kathy Griffin picture, which happened while he was watching TV. Not knowing who Griffin was, Barron only recognized the image that looked a lot like his father and he screamed for his mother. He believed that something bad had happened to his father, the president. Apparently, Rosie O’Donnell didn’t care that the picture put Barron in a state of panic worrying about his dad, which was also reported. She used this to create a campaign against Donald Trump, which is seen in her tweet below.

Putting the blame on Donald Trump for the death of these two men is ludicrous, Trump condemned the actions of the man who stabbed these two heroes to death. These are the two heroes who stepped in when a man was stabbing people on a train. The alleged suspect is reportedly a mentally ill man.

Some reports say that he was a Trump supporter, but there are other reports putting the man as a Bernie Sanders supporter. Who or what this suspect supported had nothing to do with anything. It looks like it was nothing more than an excuse for O’Donnell to strike out at Trump using Barron’s horrific event to do so.

For some reason, Rosie now is coining this disturbing incident as being politically motivated and adding Trump into the mix. This incident had nothing to do with Trump, and again he was quick to condemn the senseless attacks. It wasn’t too long ago that Rosie was seen as bullying the Trumps by suggesting Barron was autistic and posting a video on the subject. It raised much fury among the masses as seen in the older tweet below.

Zachery Leeman from the PopZette writes how Rosie O’Donnell is using the “Kathy Griffin fiasco to re-enter the fray.” PopZette, along with Fox Nation, describes Rosie’s action as bullying Barron Trump. Rosie is using Barron to criticize Donald Trump, which is one of the lowest things you could do to any family. Barron should not be used as a ploy in a campaign against Donald Trump.

This is the second time that Rosie O’Donnell has done this. Leeman hit the nail on the head with the following sentence.

“Barron Trump is a child — but Rosie O’Donnell is the one who needs to grow up.”

Melania also put a brief statement out there regarding Kathy Griffin’s horrific picture. She wondered if a person who would do such a thing may be struggling with mental illness. She, like many others out there, couldn’t understand what would entice someone to create such a vile and cruel picture.

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