Chelsea Clinton Contradicts Mom’s Election Woes, Calling Loss ‘Unexpected Blessing’? [Opinion]

Hillary Clinton is like a broken record when it comes to pointing that election loss finger of blame at anyone who will stand still long enough for her to take aim. People are actually paying her to rehash her election loss woes over and over again, which she did once more this week in California. At the same time that Hillary was singing the blues over the election loss, her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, is contradicting her mother’s claims and calling Hillary’s loss an “unexpected blessing.”

It sounds as if Chelsea doesn’t have a lot of childhood memories that are family-oriented, and while on The View this week, her shortcomings were shared. Chelsea was basking in the silver lining of the election loss giving her and her children more time with her parents while Hillary was crying election foul on the other side of the country.

During an interview at Recode’s Code Conference, Hillary argued that she lost her bid for the White House due to the Russians meddling in the election, according to NPR. She had plenty of blame to go around, and the same figures were tagged with having caused her election loss that she’s named plenty of times in the past.

Hillary “slams” the DNC, the New York Times, and James Comey for her loss while doing this interview that CNN describes as “reflective.” They also report how Hillary was “quick to crack jokes,” as well as being “eager to cast blame,” which is how the interview unfolded. She offered up her perception of the part she played in her own election loss in one sentence.

“I take responsibility for every decision I make — but that’s not why I lost.”

She was almost there — she was just a few words away from taking some blame. Apparently, she just couldn’t do it and threw in “but that’s not why I lost,” saving herself from the responsibility in her eyes anyway.

She also reiterated that she was on the road to winning when Comey blew her chances of at the White House out of the water with his announcement of re-examining her emails just weeks before the election. Donald Trump couldn’t let Hillary continue to claim she’s the rightful winner except for these few things that got in the way and he sent out a tweet. He claims that Hillary “blamed everybody but herself, refuses to say she was a terrible candidate.”

Hillary answered him with a zinger that referred to the internet meme of Trump’s word of the day by tweeting, “People in covfefe houses shouldn’t throw covfefe.”

Once again, Hillary didn’t take any responsibility for her loss. She said nothing about her lack of campaigning in important states or how she made the mistake of taking the win for granted when she should have been working harder at campaigning.

While Hillary continued as an army of one defending herself even if no one else seems to recognize that she was who the people wanted in Washington, her daughter was calling her mother’s loss a “blessing.” It was an “unexpected blessing,” Chelsea told the ladies of The View on Wednesday’s show.

Without a country to run, her mother has turned her attention to Chelsea’s two kids, Hillary and Bill’s grandchildren. Chelsea painted a picture of both Hillary and Bill gardening with her daughter, Charlotte, who is 2-years-old. Chelsea shared how this idea came from her daughter out of her fascination with Peter Rabbit, reports ABC News.

She said her daughter gave her the gift of being able to see her parents gardening together, which isn’t a vision she was able to conjure up from her own childhood. She was “told” that her parents planted “tomatoes and petunias” together when she was a kid, but it wasn’t something she was able to recall witnessing.

The amount of time and energy that her parents are putting into being grandparents is giving Chelsea the gift of spending time with her parents as a family.

Chelsea told the ladies of The View, “My parents acted as if the whole universe had shifted. Now they really are the center of the universe for my parents. It’s a real blessing.”

Hillary Clinton’s loss has given Chelsea Clinton and her children family time with her parents, and Chelsea sees this as an “unexpected blessing” of the election loss. Chelsea is basking in the silver lining of her mother’s ill-fated campaign as Hillary continues to rehash, rehash, rehash, and blame.

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