‘Prison Break’ Season 5 Finale Recap: Did The Ending Satisfy Fans? [Opinion]

Season 5 of Prison Break has finally come to an end; and with it, so has the entire season. However, as Entertainment Weekly points out best, fans of the FOX series thought the same thing nearly a decade ago when the show was canceled after Season 4 ended in 2009. So, there’s always going to be a glimmer of hope that the series could come back once more for a Season 6.

Spoilers ahead for anyone who hasn’t watched the Prison Break Season 5 finale.

Who died?

The synopsis of Prison Break Season 5 Episode 9 titled “Behind The Eyes” revealed not everyone would make it out of the finale alive. Those who watched the promotional trailer for the final episode of Prison Break speculated Whip was going to die – given the dramatic reaction T-Bag had in the promotional trailer. In Prison Break fan groups on Facebook, some fans claimed it looked a little more like it was A&W who died.

Naturally, those who watched Season 5 Episode 8 titled “Progeny” were left wondering whether Michael or Lincoln were going to make it out alive. Fortunately, both Michael and Lincoln did survive the season finale. Fan speculation about who would die based on the trailer appeared to be right on all accounts as both Whip and A&W died. Turned out Whip was shot by A&W and then T-Bag responded – in typical T-Bag form – by taking A&W’s life. Most fans found this moment incredibly satisfying as she was a truly frustrating character. Thanks, T-Bag.

Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller at a Prison Break panel

Why did Michael trust T-Bag?

In a separate opinion piece on the Inquisitr, one of the many puzzling questions about Season 5 was, why did Michael suddenly trust T-Bag? From the very beginning of Season 5, Michael worked with T-Bag? In fact, Michael had gone out of his way to make sure T-Bag went back to jail at the end of Season 4. So, why did he suddenly trust T-Bag? Turns out, the fact that Michael truly hated T-Bag was the real reason he worked with him. Michael knew Poseidon kept tabs on anyone he could trust and work with, but he hadn’t bothered keeping track of T-Bag. After all, Michael hated him. This was exactly why T-Bag was the perfect person for Michael to work with.

Was the ending satisfying?

The biggest concern fans of Prison Break had at the end of Season 5 Episode 8 was how the writers were going to compose something that was truly satisfying for the season finale (Episode 9). Turns out, the writers did a pretty good job. Michael got his happy ending. Poseidon finally went to jail. And even T-Bag got his happy ending despite losing his son.

Finally, Michael’s name was free and clear. His slate was clean and his original identity was returned to him. He was able to go be with his wife and son. And, unsurprisingly, the CIA director acknowledged how incredible Michael was and mentioned that he would be a valuable asset to the CIA. Michael – just like the rest of us – wasn’t too surprised to hear this. He, however, was not interested in a job. In fact, we all can understand why Michael would want to retire and be with his family. Finally, at peace.

At the very end of Episode 9, it flashes to Fox River – the prison where it all began. No surprise this is where T-Bag ended up being sent, again. But it looked like Michael decided to give T-Bag one final gift. What was that gift exactly? Well, he decided to send none other than Poseidon – the man responsible for the death of Whip – to be T-Bag’s cellmate. And most would agree this was a truly satisfying ending to the series.

Did you watch the Prison Break Season 5 finale? Did you find it truly satisfying? If they didn’t make a Season 6 of the FOX series, would you be happy with the way the series ended? Most would agree Season 5 had a much more satisfying ending than Season 4 did nearly a decade ago. Let us know whether you loved or hated the Season 5 finale in the comments section below.

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