‘Big Brother 19’ Rumors: Is Cirie Fields Joining The Cast Of ‘BB19’? [Opinion]

Big Brother 19 spoilers tease CBS is planning an action-packed summer ahead. There has been so much gossip about who will be part of the cast this year. With only a few weeks until the cast reveal, BB19 fans are on edge waiting to see what CBS is planning for the summer. There have been many rumors about who could appear on the show. There have been reports of a second chances theme season that would include 16 returning players. According to Twitter, one of the most recent rumors is that Survivor legend Cirie Fields joined the cast. The rumor is so popular on social media that it has its own hashtag, #CirieBB19.

Cirie Would Shine On BB19

There’s no question that Cirie would do well on Big Brother. According to Reality TV World, Cirie has a great social game, which is why she did well each time she played Survivor. She could manipulate people into making the moves she wanted without them feeling as if she was using them to further her own game. Her gameplay was flawless. People want to be her friend because she is open and caring. They gravitate towards her, and she uses them while helping them learn the ropes of the game.

Fields is a nurse, and she has a way of making people feel at ease in stressful situations. She knows how to nurture others and seems to know how to calm even the most unruly castaway (such as Michaela Bradshaw) down. In her four-season history on Survivor, it is hard to pinpoint a time that she lost her cool or had an argument with anyone.

Big Brother is a game that tends to be extremely stressful, forcing you to live with strangers for three months. It would test Cirie’s patience, but if she can take it on Survivor, she would do well on BB19. The problem with Cirie appearing on Big Brother is the CBS reality TV fans already know her and might want to get rid of her right away. Fields has four seasons of Survivor under her belt, so the other houseguests may not be quick to work with her.

If she could make it through the first two or three evictions, Cirie may be able to win the game. In the game of BB19, winning competitions isn’t as important. The important part of the game is developing personal relationships with the other players and remaining even-tempered. Those two essential parts of Big Brother would come easily to Cirie.

Three Months Away From Her Family?

The only thing that seems iffy about Fields doing Big Brother is if she’d agree to be away from her family for three months. Cirie loves her family and job, and the idea of being away from them for six weeks for Survivor was difficult. So imagine how difficult it would be for her to stay away for 13 weeks? That alone could be a deal-breaker for her. Big Brother 19 fans hope that wouldn’t prevent Cirie from trying to win America’s favorite summer reality TV show. So far, the Survivor alum has been silent about the possibility of appearing on BB19.

Cirie has grown so much in the 12 years that she’s played Survivor. She is no longer that mom that is scared to get off the couch — she is a competitor and proved there is a different way to play the game. Her fans hope that the buzz about her playing Big Brother is true, and feel confident that she could win the game.

Big Brother hasn’t had any Survivor contestants cross over and play yet, but if anyone is deserving of a shot, it’s Cirie Fields.

Big Brother 19 returns June 28 with a two-hour premiere episode on CBS.

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