Johnny Depp’s Financial Troubles Resolved By ‘Pirates of the Caribbean?’ Plus TMG May Have to Pay [Opinion]

Johnny Depp’s alleged financial troubles have been publicly aired. Perhaps too much credence has been given to statements by the Pirates of the Caribbean actor’s legally embattled management company, TMG.

Unlike Pirates of the Caribbean, and perhaps due to Amber Heard’s unproven allegations and TMG’s release of Johnny’s alleged financial information, a few of Johnny Depp’s recent movies have not done well.

Will the success of Pirates of the Caribbean redeem Johnny Depp’s reputation and fix his money troubles? Will the results of the TMG lawsuit cause people to question TMG’s alleged attempt to smear the Pirates of the Caribbean actor?

Will Pirates of the Caribbean’s box office success redeem Johnny Depp’s reputation and fix Depp’s money troubles?

Pirates of the Caribbean was number one this Memorial Day weekend, taking in $77 million in the U.S., and an anticipated $300 million worldwide according to Fox News. $77 million is very close to the optimistic estimates of $80 million for the weekend alone.

Johnny Depp’s financial troubles and box office credibility should be back on track with the Pirates of the Caribbean royalty profits rolling in from theaters over the next few weeks and video and streaming sales coming later.

TMG might have to pay off Johnny Depp’s lawsuit against them as well. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor’s lawyers are very confident of their case and have amended and added to their claims according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Johnny Depp’s case against TMG was championed by Superior Court Judge Teresa Beaudet who just gave a major concession to the Pirates of the Caribbean actor, allowing the testimony of a former employee of TMG, who was allegedly fired for pointing out misconduct in the handling of Johnny’s money seven years ago.

“The misconduct [Johnny Depp and his company] allege potentially raises a question of whether there has been, at the very least, a breach of fiduciary duty by Defendants to Plaintiff. It does not matter whether the new information gained supports an existing claim or a new one, as long as it can be adjudicated.”

TMG allegedly forged Johnny Depp’s signature on a bridge loan and notarized it without Johnny’s knowledge or consent. Then TMG neglected to pay on the loan alleges former TMG employee Janine Rayburn.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor won a huge victory in the ruling that Rayburn’s statements against TMG will be allowed by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Teresa Beaudet. Janine’s testimony will expand the lawsuit considerably, covering a two-year period over seven years ago.

Johnny Depp AKA Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean

Johnny Depp’s lawsuit charges that TMG has been mismanaging the Pirates of the Caribbean star’s funds for at least nine years, taking out loans without his knowledge, charging excessive fees, and neglecting to pay Johnny Depp’s property taxes and loan payments on time, which resulted in millions in penalties.

With Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and Johnny Depp’s other films also in the works perhaps Johnny can rebuild his fortune without selling off his real estate investments, or art collection.

Will Johnny Depp’s reputation be restored along with his cash flow? If TMG is proven guilty as charged, will TMG’s bizarre claims about the Pirates of the Caribbean actor’s spending of his own money be dismissed? Has the world become so shallow that when a celebrity’s money takes a hit, so does the amount of respect they receive from media?

Still, with Pirates of the Caribbean money rolling in and a new management company handling it, Johnny Depp’s financial troubles should improve drastically even if that is the case.

Johnny Depp is currently in the midst of a very bitter lawsuit with TMG. It should be clear that the veracity of TMG’s statements about the Pirates of the Caribbean actor’s alleged spending should be treated with suspicion. Yet many news writers spread every morsel of TMG’s highly suspect information as if it were gospel, without regard to its lack of credibility.

Johnny Depp looking hot at th Pirates of the Caribbean 5 premiere May 18

Johnny Depp’s attorney in the TMG case, Adam Waldman delivered a statement to Hollywood Reporter today, giving new information on the TMG lawsuit.

“We are gratified by the Judge’s decision to unseal the testimony and supporting documents of the whistleblower who managed Mr. Depp’s day-to-day affairs for the Mandels for over two years. Having failed to conceal from the public whistleblower testimony that reveals some of the egregious misconduct Mandel asked her to commit on Mr. Depp’s account, the Mandels now predictably focus their efforts on smearing their former employee, just as they have attempted to smear Mr. Depp.”

Johnny Depp’s Pirates of the Caribbean performance will doubtlessly be profitable, both to Disney and to Johnny. The TMG lawsuit will be handled fairly now, allowing Janine’s testimony. Though the lawsuit with TMG may be dragged out, at least the evidence is admissible.


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Johnny Depp’s fortune seems to be improving with Pirates of the Caribbean doing well, and TMG failing to prevent testimony against them.

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