Outrage Over Pregnancy Test Shaming: Supermarket Forces Women To Ask Permission To Buy Pregnancy Tests [Opinion]

Slut-shaming in drugstores, supermarkets, and even bars is the new body-shaming on the internet. Ever thought body-shaming was the most pathetic act humans do to one another? You might want to think again.

Because the number of supermarkets, drugstores, and even bars are shaming women for having sex is on the rise.

Woolworths, a major Australian supermarket, is under fire for placing security boxes on pretty much every pregnancy test in a store.

In a Facebook post originally created by a woman named Ellie Blackwood, Woolworths is being slammed for making women ashamed of picking up pregnancy tests at stores after the company decided to store them in electronic cases that require women to seek permission before they can purchase.

In a giant avalanche of comments, people are expressing their outrage over Woolworths’ move and are shaming the company for putting up a “barrier” to anxious women buying a pregnancy test, according to the Daily Mail.

While commenters are saying it was “disgraceful” to store pregnancy tests in electronic cases, a spokesperson for Woolworths wrote that it was one of their measures to “prevent stock loss.”

Others, however, were quick to slam Woolworths for not placing security tags on other commonly stolen products such as makeup. Ms. Blackwood – who originally started the discussion – explained why so many pregnancy tests are stolen by saying that women are embarrassed to buy them in the first place.

Putting a pregnancy test into a security box would only further prevent women from picking up pregnancy tests at Woolworths, as they would be scared of shaming from supermarket staffers when asking them to open the boxes.

But Woolworths is not the only place where women may experience slut-shaming, as it seems that this kind of shaming is becoming quite common in drugstores.

A woman started a Reddit thread detailing how drugstore staffers are slut-shaming women when buying birth control pills, pregnancy tests, and even condoms, and comments came rolling in, with many other men and women sharing extremely disturbing stories.

The woman detailed how a pharmacist at her local drugstore seemingly slut-shamed her for months for buying birth control pills. Every time the women came there to purchase the same birth control pills, the pharmacist was openly yelling for everyone to hear if “it’s the birth control right?” though she clearly knew what kind of birth control the woman came for.

One user pointed that the slut-shaming pharmacist’s behavior was a HIPAA violation, and encouraged the woman to report the pharmacist to the state pharmacy board.

Another woman shared on the Reddit thread how she once went to buy a pregnancy test at a drugstore and the pharmacist started condescendingly lecturing and shaming her for having sex outside a stable relationship.

Not only buying a pregnancy test and birth control pills can trigger slut-shaming at supermarkets and drugstores, as even buying condoms can often be the case.

The entrance to a Woolworths store in Australia.

And while shaming at supermarkets and drugstores has apparently been around for years, a bar in Alaska went as far as slut-shaming women in bathrooms.

In the women’s bathroom at Anchorage’s Peanut Farm bar, there is a poster shaming women for having sex when drinking. And while the poster also offers free pregnancy tests in a box, Vine Pair argues that maybe it belongs in a doctor’s office, but “certainly not at a bar.”

And while the bar’s tactic is clearly the opposite of that at Woolworths – as the bar gives out free pregnancy tests and Woolworths only complicates picking up a pregnancy test by placing it in security boxes – it’s nonetheless a scare tactic and a patronizing way of “educating” women.

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