Birdman Net Worth 2017: Will Drake, Lil Wayne Lawsuits Take His ‘Top Richest’ In Rap Title? [Opinion]

All eyes are on Birdman because he is romancing one of America’s greatest singers, Toni Braxton. Nevertheless, there is also a lot of buzz around Birdman’s net worth in 2017 — but is there a significant flaw with this large figure?

Currently, Birdman is in love, and this could be the biggest romantic relationship of his life. According to All Hip Hop, Toni Braxton says she is “anxious” to allow herself to be happy with Birdman, and it does not appear she is worried about his financial situation.

As it seems, Birdman’s long list of pending lawsuits that involve former or current Cash Money Records artists like Lil Wayne and Drake do not seem to be putting a furrow in his brow with Toni Braxton at his side.

This might be surprising considering these lawsuits claim that most of Birdman’s net worth in 2017 is owed to other people. Forbes listed their top five wealthiest in hip hop, and Birdman was ranked fourth alongside Diddy, Jay Z, Dr. Dre, and Drake in fifth place.

Despite this, Birdman’s current net worth in 2017 may be temporary — if he loses a handful of key lawsuits against him.

 Lil Wayne, Birdman are still not settled in court.

In early May, before the news about Toni Braxton became more legitimate, there was not much talk about Birdman and his Cash Money Records cash flow being owed to anyone else.

When Birdman did an interview with Billboard in May, he said nothing about lawsuit settlements with Lil Wayne, but did say the following.

Carter V coming out this year, man. Wayne my son, and it’s just that simple. Carter V definitely coming out, though.”

Regardless, there are a long list of lawsuits that Birdman is fighting with people in the music business that tally into the multi-millions. For example, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lil Wayne is suing Birdman for $51 million.

In this situation, things are not moving forward with a resolution because, allegedly, Lil Wayne is not happy with the 20,000 pages of documentation provided by Cash Money Records and Birdman, according to Louisiana Record. Instead, Lil Wayne’s team feels that the documentation is not complete.

It is not only Lil Wayne’s legal team that thinks there is an issue with Birdman’s documentation.

A company contracted to work for Drake is also suing Birdman and Cash Money Records. During that legal proceeding, attorneys representing the company associated with Drake said that Birdman and/or Cash Money Records seem to have “falsified” accounting records.

Jas Prince of Aspire Music, a group involved with managing Drake, is the party suing Birdman for approximately $4 million, according to BET.

Lil Wayne, Birdman will definitely release

Jack-of-all-trades, Javier Nuno, also sued Birdman for unpaid wages in 2017 for $300,000, according to Miami Herald.

Altogether, if Birdman had to pay up on all of these lawsuits, he would owe $55.3 million. Since Birdman’s current net worth for 2017 is $110 million, that means he would end up with $54.7 million for 2018’s richest list.

Of course, if Birdman has $54.7 million, he would not make it onto the top five richest in hip hop list. Currently, the top earners in hip hop are Diddy ($820 million), Jay Z ($810 million), and Dr. Dre ($740 million). The lowest earner on this list is Drake’s net worth in 2017 at $90 million.

Lil Wayne’s net worth would also move up significantly on the list if Birdman finally paid him the $51 million, and he would instantly outrank Birdman on the richest list in 2018 by at least $10 million.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lil Wayne’s net worth for 2016 is often listed as $149 million, but he has claimed his own estimate is closer to $14 million. If Birdman’s $51 million is paid, Lil Wayne’s 2017 net worth will be closer to $65 million.

Another way Birdman might reduce his net worth in 2018 is by paying down lawyer fees for all of his lawsuits.

Nevertheless, Lil Wayne and other Cash Money Records artists might end up in a situation where they win against Birdman now, but he will pull through in the end. Historically, the person that owns the rights to a song will be the entity that profits in the long-term.

[Feature Image by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images for BMI]