Chris Cornell Of Soundgarden’s Dark Musical Poetry Was A Profound Solace In Dark Times [Opinion]

The loss of Chris Cornell of Soundgarden is a tremendous one for the world’s music and poetry lovers. Cornell was a master of the art of lyrical and musical composition.

Chris Cornell wrote what was surely the soundtrack for the darkest hour of the dark night of the soul over of his years of composing for Soundgarden. Not all of Soundgarden’s tracks were sad, darkly prophetic, or painful, but most of the greatest Soundgarden songs were dark.

Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell wrote some of the most soul tortured but beautiful poetry that has ever written. Cornell’s songs were weighty and powerful.

Chris Cornell was a masterful lyricist who among other things gave music lovers dark songs like “Black Hole Sun,” “Like Suicide,” “Fell On Black Days,” “Pretty Noose,” and “Black Rain.” These songs were there to enfold, as if with comforting wings the darkest despair a human could experience, and suddenly, at last, the listener knows that they aren’t alone in that dark abyss.

Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun would be the worst fear for many. Imagine staring into a black hole where the sun is supposed to be. Chris Cornell gave us that image, in all, it’s symbolic glory. It was an earth shattering sorrow, yet not to be dreaded but rather anticipated. The Soundgarden song says, “Black hole sun, won’t you come.”

Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell crafted the song “Fell on Black Days.” It is a song of utter failure as if speaking of a cursed life. Yet on certain days, certain weeks, perhaps even certain years, one can feel every word quite personally. So yes, it is dark.

Soundgarden music was a musical tour guide to that darkness in the most agonizing hours of human existence, through the poetry of his lyrics.

Chris Cornell’s “Fell on Black Days” as quoted from Google Play has a decidedly dark and hopeless theme.

“Whatsoever I’ve feared has come to life
Whatsoever I’ve fought off became my life
Just when every day seemed to greet me with a smile
Sunspots have faded and now I’m doing time
Now I’m doing time
‘Cause I fell on black days
I fell on black days”

When Soundgarden fans felt “Hunted Down” and their “Crooked Steps” just would not take them home. Chris Cornell’s music was always there, to empathize perfectly and put into words what only a true master poet could phrase correctly.

Chris Cornell will be truly missed, as a songwriter, as a precious human being, and as a fellow traveler. Many who never even met him found him a kindred soul in Chris who could express perfectly what they felt in a given moment.

Soundgarden's Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell, judging from certain Soundgarden lyrics would appear to be a dark soul, but to all who knew him best, he was not. Chris was described as kind and generous, loving and a loyal friend, spouse, and father.

The Soundgarden frontman was not depressed in the months leading up to his allegedly possible suicide. Soundgarden bandmates, friends, and family said he was excited about his immediate future and in exceptionally good spirits.

Chris Cornell of Soundgarden told singer-songwriter, Serj Tankian, a month before, he was excited to be going on tour soon, as Tankian explained to the Rolling Stone.

“Cornell “was just the opposite: ‘I’m really excited. I’m doing this tour with Soundgarden. I’ve got these other ideas.’ He had plans, man.”

Serj told the Rolling Stone Chris was always emotionally generous.

“Cornell was “one of those guys, who tried to make everyone in the room feel comfortable with themselves. He was generous that way, with his emotions and time.”

Chris Cornell’s wife Vicky does not believe Chris committed suicide.

“I know that he loved our children. [Chris] would not hurt them by intentionally taking his own life.”

Chris Cornell of Soundgarden

None of Chris Cornell’s friends nor his bandmates in Soundgarden, who were with him earlier that same night, believe that Chris deliberately committed suicide, which leaves what happened an unknown.

Chris Cornell’s wife believed that he had an adverse reaction to an accidental overdose of Ativan and became confused. For more information see this from the Inquisitr.

Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell just wasn’t what one would expect of someone who wrote such wonderfully sorrowful lyrics. He was excited. He was making Memorial Day plans with his wife and children. He was on tour with Soundgarden.


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Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell was a true artist and a master of lyrics. The Soundgarden lyricist had to have knowledge of dark places in life, but everyone who knew him believed he was not depressed, only a wildly creative genius with perhaps a powerful understanding of the collective unconscious.

Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell will be profoundly missed.

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