The ‘Clash Of Clans’ Builder Base Update Shows Exactly What’s Wrong With The Mobile Gaming Industry [Opinion]

The Clash of Clans Builder Base update was built up for a long time by the mobile gaming giant, with rumors about the patch’s contents suggesting that Supercell would be changing the landscape of the popular mobile game forever. While these did happen when the highly-anticipated update rolled out, the very nature of the game’s newest patch showed some alarming signs from the developer.

The Clash of Clans Builder Base update is massive. It introduces a new land to explore, new troops to train, and a bunch of new traps and structures to torture enemies with. Considering the amount of fresh content in the update, it is impossible not to be impressed by Supercell’s efforts at improving its most popular title to date. In fact, so substantial was the update that many CoC fans fondly remarked that Supercell should have just released the patch as Clash of Clans 2.

Of course, Supercell would never do that, but such statements from the game’s massive user base do give an idea of just how substantial the Builder Base update was. Unfortunately for gamers, however, Supercell included something with the game that has infuriated its avid player base. According to a Forbes report, the Builder Base update’s cap on the daily attacks players are allowed to initiate against opponents plays a huge part in dampening the new features of the popular mobile game.

Clash of Clans has always favored its paying players over those who are accessing the game for free. However, the stipulations of the Builder Base update, which requires gems to be spent for players to gain the ability to attack other players after the daily cap, is gravely unfair for those who do not have the funds to spend on the mobile title. Clash of Clans, after all, is not a cheap game to play by any means, as in-game purchases could easily be spent on incremental upgrades alone.

With players limited to a few attacks a day unless they pay up and purchase gems from the developer, free-to-play gamers are forced to engage themselves in practically endless loot grinds. Overall, the fact that much of the Clash of Clans Builder Base update relies on in-game purchases has ironically made the game more compelling with its new content, but also far more boring due to its limits on daily activities.

This particular issue has been noticed by avid CoC players as soon as the update rolled out. In the update’s official announcement on Twitter alone, numerous players and longtime CoC gamers have voiced their criticism of the patch’s new system. Many even went so far as to dub the new update as the game’s Pay-to-Win patch, since it makes it tough for F2P players to progress in the game.

Supercell is probably one of the most open-minded game developers in the market, and it has proven this time and again by engaging its user base on a constant basis. However, with the recent Builder Base update, it appears that the developer has crossed a certain line, overtly making the game near-impossible to progress unless money is paid.

This issue is not exclusive to Supercell’s popular game, however. Mobile games, in general, have all relied on in-app purchases to keep their revenue in check. While such a strategy is understandable, it is still pertinent for developers to keep games fair and balanced for both paying and non-paying players alike. Otherwise, developers would be wise to follow Nintendo’s example with Super Mario Run, which requires one in-app purchase alone, or Niantic’s Pokemon GO, where in-app purchases are strictly optional. If Supercell’s recent Clash of Clans update is any indication, however, it appears that the developer has decided to continue on a path that makes its best game skewed only for those who are willing to invest in the popular mobile title.

[Featured Image by Supercell]