Cher’s Goodbye Tweet To Ex Called ‘Tacky’ — Are Her Fans Showing Their Age? [Opinion]

Southern rocker Gregg Allman died this week, leaving behind his family, friends, and fans, who are all feeling the loss today. Many of them are sharing their grief in tweets and posts across the social media sites. Cher was one of the more notable names to share a goodbye to Allman via Twitter, making headlines by doing so. The iconic pop star was married to Allman for a few years in the late 1970s and the two had a son together, Elijah Blue.

Cher was one of many stars who took to the social media sites to share their farewell words to Gregg Allman with the masses, according to Vanity Fair. Condolences from Melissa Etheridge, Peter Frampton, Ringo Starr, and Keith Urban, were among the many celebrities who posted a sad goodbye. But Cher was married to Allman at one time and her goodbye should have been a bit more personal, which was the thought shared by some of her fans, while others backed her up, pointing out that these are modern times.

The tweet Cher shared regarding Allman’s death was short and sweet, but Cher, who has been in show business for over half a century, conjured up some angst with that tweet, seemingly among her older fans. Cher’s fans range from the baby boomers of the 1960s to the club-goers of 2017. This covers quite a few different age groups through the many different eras of her life. When you think back to her fans from her “Sonny and Cher” days, they didn’t have the electronic devices that contain the modern technology of today.

When someone died in the 1960s, the 1970s, the 1980s, and even into the early years of the 1990s, it was appropriate to send a condolence card to the grieving family. There was no such thing as a “tweet” or a “Facebook post” to send along your feelings. A recent article from the Inquisitr that talked about Cher sending a tweet regarding Gregg Alman’s death, it appeared that one of Cher’s fans thought it was rather inappropriate to say goodbye or share your sadness in a tweet and they conveyed that in a comment. Was this one of her older fans who didn’t grow up with the luxury of electronic messaging?

The comment said, “How tacky to express the loss of your former husband and father of your child in a tweet!” But that was immediately followed up with another comment from another reader that said, “People do this all the time, it’s the new thing now.” It looks as though the different generations had different thoughts on the proper way to share your condolences. While the ages of these commenters are not known, it seems as if there are two trains of thoughts about Cher’s tweet when reading comments from articles and on the social media sites.

Some of the people who remember back to when Cher’s first husband Sonny died offered up their thoughts on Cher getting quite a bit of attention at his funeral. A comment on a People Magazine article about Gregg Allman’s death says, “Hope Cher doesn’t commandeer this funeral service like she did Sonny’s.”

Below is the one short tweet that has started this controversy. It was Cher’s reaction to the death of a man she once loved and who is the father of her son.

Cher didn’t write much, but you could tell that she was devastated over the loss of her son’s father. One commenter wrote on another Inquisitr article said, “I remember how Cher took over Sonny’s funeral. I hope she doesn’t Greg’s.” The fact that Cher’s fans span over so many decades was also apparent in the comments on the social media sites that cropped up after she wore that thong under a clear bodysuit on stage at the age of 71.

Cher also bragged that she could do a five-minute plank. She got tons of kudos for looking so good, but some of the folks didn’t agree that showing so much skin was appropriate at any age. In yet another article from the Inquisitr, one commenter wrote, “Just because she can wear a thong doesn’t mean she should.”

While none of the events over the last week had anything to do with generation vs. generation, it seems as if it was a side effect to Cher’s appearance at the Billboard Awards, along with the sad event of a tweet that said goodbye to someone Cher once loved very much. While the age of the commenters who posted a blurb about Cher are not known, it appeared that the different age groups were represented among the thoughts. People had their say and it appears that some old fashion thinking vs. modern day thinking was going on. It was seen throughout the comments and social media posts about Cher. Could it be that her fans coming from a long-ago era that had a different set of ethics and rules were dating themselves with these comments? This is Cher and she always walked to the beat of her very own drum. Many like that about her and this is what makes Cher the star she still is after half a century has gone by.

Gregg Allman’s cause of death was not immediately released when the news broke on Saturday. Later on that day, it was revealed that he died from complications from liver cancer, according to CNN. Allman’s complications reportedly stemmed from a liver transplant that he underwent in 2010. He died at his home in Georgia and he will be buried in that state at the Rose Cemetery in Macon. The date and time of his funeral services have not been released as of yet.Chris Pizzello

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