White House War Room Modeled After Bill Clinton’s Lewinsky Battle Room? [Opinion]

Donald Trump stepped off Air Force One after a successful whirlwind tour of several countries overseas and he stepped back into a fight, one that may need more than a few tweets to contain. Reports indicate that controversial White House counsel, Stephen Bannon, is spearheading a “war-room” for the battles facing Trump’s administration today. This news comes along with reports that the White House is preparing “street fighters” as another weapon in this battle Trump faces today.

Just what is Trump fighting? Maybe the question should be what doesn’t Trump have to fight, as the list is getting longer. A Trump ally told Axios “the White House is embracing the fight, which is going to last as long as Donald Trump is president.”

The top battle of the day falls on the shoulders of Jared Kushner and the allegations of a secret line of communication that a “leak” claims he attempted to set up with Russia. As the Fox & Friends Weekend cast noted on Sunday morning, there’s no proof, just an allegation that came in the mysterious form of a “leak.” Still, this is Trump’s administration and that “leak” is as good as positive proof in the eyes of his critics.

The allegations that Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, had discussed setting up a backchannel between Trump’s transition team and Russia is a hot button issue today and one battle for the war room drawing board. This war room will look a lot like the one Bill Clinton’s team concocted for his battle in the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

According to Raw Story, Clinton’s soldiers were formed into a team that dealt with “issues arising from the Lewinsky affair.” Clinton’s scandal became so huge and time-consuming that the creation of a war room was an effort to give all the soldiers in that battle a space in the White House that wouldn’t interfere with the daily administration tasks.

Trump’s battle is not a scandal, he is battling the media as well as his critics who have the media’s ear. This war room, which is making headline news, will be filled with White House lawyers and other important players in this war on fake news today.

According to Raw Story, Trump is considering bringing back faces from the past to “beef-up” this operation. This would include his former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie, who was Trump’s former deputy campaign manager. Trump’s former advisor Barry Bennett told the media, “The bottom line is they need fresh legs; they need more legs.” They need this because “they’re in a full-scale war, and they’re thinly staffed.”

If you didn’t know who Jared Kushner was before, you do now, as his name is saturating the headlines today. While the mainstream media comes down on Kushner, there is no indication that Ivanka Trump’s husband will be relieved of his post anytime soon. CNN News anchor, Jim Acosta, sent out a tweet regarding Kushner yesterday, which is seen below.

Newt Gingrich appeared on Fox & Friends Weekend Sunday morning and he stresses that these “leakers” should be locked-up. Gingrich said you have to erase everything you knew about the media from when you were a kid. He said it is not like yesteryear when the press reports the facts. Couple this with how “the left-wing media hates Donald Trump,” and it is a totally new type of press today.

Gingrich threw out the example that he quotes from a recent report. He cites CNN News being 93 percent negative to 7 percent positive when it comes to reporting about Trump. The Washington Examiner reported on that same study coming from Harvard. Not only is CNN News running 93 percent negative when reporting on Trump, NBC News is as well. The press is constantly reporting on “White House shake-ups,” but not a one has materialized. From the day Trump stepped into the White House, someone was getting plucked from his administration due to a “shakeup,” but the key players are all still there.

“The Harvard scholars analyzed the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and the main newscasts (not talk shows) of CBS, CNN, Fox, and NBC during Trump’s initial time in office. They found, to no one’s surprise, that Trump absolutely dominated news coverage in the first 100 days. And then they found that news coverage was solidly negative — 80 percent negative among those outlets studied, versus 20 percent positive.”

If you ask why Trump needs a war room, the above stats should be reason enough. Trump’s claims of “fake news” were once thought of as nothing more than quips, coming from a president who knew nothing about politics. But that analogy was wrong, as today it is a very real problem. Gingrich makes an educated guess that in this political climate, Sean Spicer probably spends more time practicing how to fight back at his media briefings than he does with any of the news he steps up to report. The media has created this climate and Spicer would have no other recourse but to prepare for their verbal battles, suggests Gingrich.

[Featured Image by Luca Bruno/AP Images]