Obama Visit To Prince Harry Giving Fuel To Shadow Government Conspiracy? [Opinion]

Barack and Michelle Obama happened to pick Italy as their vacation spot at the same time Trump is on his first overseas trip as the president of this nation. Many are calling this more than a coincidence today, with one very well-known political lawyer suggesting that Obama is trolling Trump as part of his “evil shadow government” plans. Now with Obama popping in on Prince Harry, this seems to add even more fuel to this suggestion.

Today the headlines put Obama at Kensington Palace visiting with Prince Harry in another very odd incident when it comes to timing. Obama and Prince Harry are described a “close personal friends” by Vanity Fair. While the two did meet a time or two when Obama was the president, it wasn’t a well-known fact that the two were bosom buddies.

So what was Obama doing? Some might say he was trying to show up President Trump, which is what many claim his alleged shadow government is supposed to do. According to The Hill, Obama was there to offer his condolences to the Manchester concert victims and to discuss both his and Harry’s foundations.

Obama and Prince Harry posed for a picture at Kensington Palace and that photo was later tweeted out to the masses. Does Harry look a bit apprehensive in this picture? He certainly isn’t grinning ear to ear like Obama. With Obama having that Cheshire Cat grin going on, it appears he might be sending a message with his exaggerated facial expression.

Once the picture above was posted by Kensington Palace, Obama tweeted his own comment, which is seen below.

Larry Klayman, who is a well-known lawyer in Washington, D.C., circles, came out with a video on Thursday in which he explains how Obama’s shadow government is at work. According to Right Wing Watch, Klayman claims with a bit of anger that Obama is trying to undermine Trump by running an “evil shadow government.” Klayman made this video before it was known that Obama was going to quietly drop in on Prince Harry and take advantage of the moment to grin like the Cheshire Cat in a picture.

In the video Klayman sees Obama’s trip to Italy as an attempt to upstage Trump, knowing that Trump was on his tour at the same time. He also noted how Michelle Obama, who accompanied her husband to Italy, disrespected the Catholic religion by not adhering to the dress code for an iconic cathedral she visited. The former first lady went into the cathedral wearing a shirt that exposed her shoulders. Klayman was outraged that Barack and Michelle Obama showed disrespect to this religion by ignoring the dress code. Klayman says,

“He [Barack Obama]and Michelle went into a church in Siena, Italy, and she basically had an open shoulder … showing a lack of respect to the Catholic Church and Christianity. Of course, that’s not surprising because her husband is, in fact, a closet Muslim.”

Klayman said that Obama is out to “destroy” the Trump presidency and he demonstrated this in a “petty way” by heading for Italy while Trump was on his foreign trip. If Obama is attempting to upstage Trump, that didn’t happen because the news is saturated with Donald and Melania Trump, who were in Italy today for their last stop on what many are calling a “very successful” trip. The two boarded Air Force One and are on their way back home to the United States.

While Klayman did not comment on Obama’s trip to visit Prince Harry as of yet, it seems awfully coincidental that Obama decided to go to Britain during the time Trump is still in Europe on his trip. Is this really Obama with his shadow government at work? Both Barack and Michelle Obama have said they don’t attend to just go away and let everything they worked for fall to pieces.

Despite their efforts, the Trump administration has successfully dissected Obamacare, and Michelle’s school lunch program guidelines have been rolled way back so the schools can offer the kids something they are more apt to eat. The kids were not eating what the cooks in the schools were mandated to prepare for them, so at least the kids will now eat something during the day instead of tossing it into the garbage as they had been with Michelle’s school lunch guidelines. The lunches that were prepared under the guidelines that Michelle Obama created were deemed healthy, but they weren’t healthy for the kids if they weren’t eating them.

[Featured Image by Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP Images]