Did Kate Middleton’s Uncle Use Vile Pickup Lines On A Mother And Teen Daughter? [Opinion]

Kate Middleton’s 52-year-old uncle has been accused of some rather disgusting behavior concerning a mother and daughter who he met just two weeks before attending Pippa’s wedding. Gary Goldsmith, who is the married uncle of Kate, Pippa, and James Middleton, was on vacation in Portugal, which is where this mother and daughter claim he approached them with some very disturbing advances.

According to The Sun, this mother and daughter were drinking a couple of Cokes in an Algarve bar when they claim Goldsmith approached them. The mother claims that the things Goldsmith was saying to the two of them were “just filth.” Both women spoke with The Sun under the promise of anonymity. According to the mother and daughter, Goldsmith said he was “on wife number five, but she can go.” They had no idea at the time that he was the uncle of Kate Middleton.

He was allegedly “pestering” the mother and daughter to have a threesome with him while saying things to the 17-year-old daughter like, “I bet you like your nipples being tied up.” The mother said that Goldsmith “fondled her bum” but she pushed him away. The mother is 37 and the daughter is 17, and they are reporting that Kate’s uncle was very inappropriate with them.

When Goldsmith was first talking with the two women, they allege that Goldsmith waved wads of cash in their face, saying he had just won a lot of money at the casino. At one point he allegedly slapped the teen in the face with the money. Goldsmith is a multi-millionaire, making his fortune in IT recruitment, according to The Sun.

The mother said that she accepted just one shot of vodka from Goldsmith and then refused anymore after he allegedly ordered that 10 of the shot glasses be lined up on the bar. At one point the mother describes Goldman as “drunkenly” asking her daughter how she got the bruises on her arms. He then asked, “Is that where blokes have been pinning you down? I bet you love that.”

The mother said she had no idea that Goldsmith was the uncle of Kate Middleton, but when she refused his advances for the last time and got up to leave, he allegedly told her to “Google him.” The mother said that Goldsmith was adamant that she’d do shots with him once she found out who he was.

She used her phone to Google his name and was shocked to find out that he was the uncle of Kate Middleton. She then told The Sun, “We were in shock someone of that stature would act like that.” The mother and the daughter flew back home to the U.K., leaving Portugal the next day.

Goldsmith is seen below with his daughter and wife on their way to dinner. The Daily Mail reports in the Facebook post below that Goldsmith was only invited to Pippa’s wedding ceremony. He was not invited to the wedding reception.

Kate Middleton and her family have been victims of rumors since Kate stepped into the royal limelight. When Goldsmith was asked about this incident by The Sun, he denied it, saying he was in Portugal playing golf with a friend. He said “I’d never do that, ” when told about the allegations. Goldsmith is the brother of Kate’s mother, Carole Middleton.

Goldsmith attended Pippa’s wedding with his daughter, but he did meet his wife after the event for dinner. Are these accusations a rumor, or did it happen? You just never know, but it is coincidental that these allegations emerged after Pippa’s wedding. Did Goldsmith show up in pictures taken at the wedding and the women recognize him as someone at the bar while they were in Portugal?

There appeared to be a lot of reported communication between the mother, daughter, and Goldsmith. After reading the alleged lines that Goldsmith reportedly fed the two women, you might find yourself asking why they just didn’t get up and go when the first line of alleged “filth” emerged from Kate Middleton’s uncle. The mother reported he talked in a “drunkenly” manner, so they sound as if they believed Goldsmith was drunk. Why would you let yourself and your teen daughter be privy to these disgusting lines that they are reporting? Why not just leave?

According to the women’s own recollections, he fondled the mother’s butt, he said a few vile lines to the daughter, he was flashing a ton of money and he even “slapped” the teen in the face with his wad of cash. The mother reported that she did have a shot of vodka with this man, so there was some time spent together if their story is based in reality.

Most moms would be protective of their daughters, so if a man said such derogatory comments, such as having her “nipples pinned” to a teenage girl in front of their mother, he’d be getting a slap in the face. At the very least, you would expect the two to turn and exit. Does it sound a bit fishy that the would stay around long enough to hear all these alleged disgusting lines that were doled out to them?

The Mirror reports that regarding Pippa’s wedding, Gary went against Pippa’s wishes. She had asked guests not to post any photos they take at her wedding on the social media sites. Apparently, Gary did just that and the social media users are slamming him today for not following his niece’s wishes for her special day.

The Sun reports, “Goldsmith has long been regarded as a ‘black sheep’ uncle. Eight years ago he was revealed to have hosted a drugs and hookers party at his Ibiza villa called La Maison de Bang Bang.”

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