Chicago Bears’ Coaching Staff Praises New QB Mike e Glennon [Opinion]

For this upcoming season, the Chicago Bears will be Mike Glennon’s football team. And the Bears’ new quarterback is looking to do the best that he can to make an impression. It appears to be working so far as Mike Glennon has a fan in Bears’ coach John Fox.

Before anyone can get a glimpse of what Bears’ rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky can do in a meaningful game, they will have to wait a while. That wait could take a season or two, unless an injury to Glennon took place. It would help no one if Glennon was ineffective, but it might expedite Trubisky’s debut.

The Chicago Bears are better off with Mike Glennon as the starter now. What also will help the Bears is Glennon playing with an abundance of confidence. Thus far Glennon has talked the talk. What Bears fans want to know is if it will be a mistake of a signing.

Wins will be difficult to come by this season as the Bears have a brutal schedule in the first eight games. They could conceivably go 2-6, 1-7, or worse, the Bears could go winless. If it happens, fans will start calling for Trubisky. The Bears cannot give in. Glennon cannot lose belief in his ability.

Mike Glennon throws out the first pitch at a Chicago Cubs' game.

Mike Glennon was at the Chicago Bears’ draft party when it was announced that the Bears had traded up to get the No. 2 spot from the San Francisco 49ers. Glennon had no idea that the Bears were taking a quarterback. No one outside of Bears’ general manager Ryan Pace, along with a couple of confidants, knew which direction the team was going to go in.

Upon hearing the news the Bears drafted a quarterback, Mike Glennon was blindsided. It was reported by the Chicago Tribune that the quarterback felt betrayed by the Bears.

Any hard feelings Glennon had due to the results of the draft were eliminated during the Bears’ OTAs. After talking with Ryan Pace, Glennon received confirmation (courtesy of CSN Chicago) that the Bears’ starting quarterback job is his.

“They [Chicago Bears] brought me here to be the quarterback this year and nothing has changed. So in my mind, I have to go out and play well, and I know that, and that’s basically the bottom line.

“I’m not worried about the future. I’m not worried about the past. I’m worried about the present and right now this is my team and that’s where my focus is.”

Glennon has gone on record to say that he and Pace have had several conversations. Those talks have emboldened him, which could pay huge dividends later on. Now it is up to Glennon to work hard and play well.

Thus far he has a huge fan in John Fox. Fox, much like Glennon, had to be taken aback with the draft selection of Mitchell Trubisky. For him it could become a sign that his run as Bears’ coach could come to an abrupt halt if his starter does not produce. While proof of any production is not there yet, Fox has praised Glennon’s work ethic (courtesy of the Chicago Bears team website) so far.

“He kind of raises all boats. He has a high expectation and expects that of his teammates. He works very, very hard and he expects the same from his teammates and I think that’s contagious.”

That type of attitude could have a carryover effect which can spread throughout the entire team. It was also a wise move by Coach Fox to build up his quarterback since the two of them need each other.

Wins and losses is not going to show how much Mike Glennon is helping the Chicago Bears progress. It cannot be quantified in that manner. What Bears fans will have to keep an eye on is how the offense is moving. If the Chicago Bears can move the football, they will be able to keep games close at least. Then everyone will know if John Fox was accurate with his praise.

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