Emmanuel Macron Is A Trailblazer For Foreign Affairs in Trump Era And His Handshakes Says It All [Opinion]

They say a handshake says a lot about a person and Emmanuel Macron sure made a statement.

It’s only a few weeks since France has elected Emmanuel Macron and yet he is already a raving favorite in the world of foreign politics. Aside from his cabinet choice, which was made mostly by women, Macron is also a champion for relationship stereotypes when his wife was criticized for being older than him.

Macron, being Justin Trudea’s new “bro,” has just shown the world how he will be dealing with Donald Trump.

Macron has already made it clear that he will not be bullied down by President Trump’s antics on baseless speeches and backstabbing commentaries like the one he did on China. In his White House visit, Macron, just like any other world leader who has met the Trump in that Oval Office, would need to undergo an excruciating photo op to show the world that they are the best of buds, or at least civil political allies.

However, Macron did not just reach out to Trump for a handshake, he shook down Trump’s awkward handshake streak. The U.S. president’s lengthened handshakes (and sometimes snubbed ones like the event with Angela Merkel) has become viral and it has caught the attention of the masses because world leaders, like Japan’s Shinzo Abe, seemed to feel uncomfortable with the handshakes.

Merkel and Macron in Berlin [Photo by Axel Schmidt/Getty Images]
Merkel and Macron in Berlin [Photo by Axel Schmidt/Getty Images]

The handshake happened this time, but it was Trump who felt uneasy.

“They shook hands for an extended period of time. Each president gripped the other’s hand with considerable intensity, their knuckles turning white and their jaws clenching and faces tightening.”

However, the French president is not done. He still has a message to tell and a snubbed handshake to avenge.

It was NATO and he was meeting the world’s leaders on a blue carpet. The silence was screaming, “Oh, here we go with Trump again!” but Macron was not fazed. It felt like he knew what he was doing. He was talking with his colleagues at the left as he approaches the party. He was almost directly in front of Trump when he “swerved” about three steps to Angela Merkel. The two greeted each other and Macron shoke hands with two other leaders before going onto Trump.

Trump was obviously pissed, but Macron continued shaking the hands of the other delegates behind Trump. Macron eventually stood behind Trump who kept a frothy strut.

It was probably this year’s first big win against Donald Trump, the leader maneuvered by ego. Most people called Macron a “hero.”

At this ambivalent age of the possibly ending Trump administration, Macron has stood out to tell the world that they can stand up to Trump. They do not need to play it safe and be “political.” They need to play him at his game.

Macron has, in his cryptic handshakes, told the world of the great hope in opposition; hope in the midst of the Trump turmoil.

The simple gestures bear heavy weights. Macron is telling Trump that he could not continue “playing” with international politics and policies. He is telling his administration that the world will not tolerate the bias, discrimination and hate dispensed by Trump. Macron is simply saying, he is willing to fight.

Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni (L) welcomes French President Emmanuel Macron [Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images]
Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni (L) welcomes French President Emmanuel Macron [Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images]

The French president’s actions were somehow historic in Trump’s administration. Back at Washington, Trump’s leadership crumbles and America has been stricken with racist slurs from all over the country. The week may does not even end with a viral video of some “white” person forcing their superiority complex to the minority.

But, Macron tells the leaders can fight and they can fight Trump. It’s just a matter of being brave enough to stand up to a bully.

[Featured Image by The White House/YouTube]