Tim Allen And Thomas Gibson Fans Furiously Boycott ABC And CBS Networks After Their Men Get The Boot [Opinion]

Tim Allen and Thomas Gibson are strong male role models and huge fan favorites. When ABC decided to cancel Tim’s show, Last Man Standing, for no apparent reason and ABC and CBS fired Gibson at the beginning of last season, fans became outraged and growing boycotts are ongoing.

Are Tim Allen and Thomas Gibson being discriminated against because they portray strong traditional males in a positive way? After all, isn’t there something about the Gibson and Allen TV personalities that recall the 1950s and 1960s dad in television programming of that era?

Tim Allen fans are boycotting ABC after Last Man Standing was unexpectedly canceled, according to Quartz Media. Many fans reportedly believe that Allen’s show was canceled because of Allen’s conservative views, but perhaps it goes even deeper, to Tim’s on-screen family values, which attract viewers who admire the traditional lifestyle.

Thomas Gibson is not political at all, nor is Criminal Minds conservative, but Gibson and his Criminal Minds character are both powerfully masculine and the role is that of a traditional family man. Thomas’ character, Aaron Hotchner, is a father. Do Gibson and his TV representation of Hotchner present a role model who is not in line with CBS and ABC programming?

Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing presents a strong family unit. Tim is obviously all man as well. Is this what CBS and ABC are avoiding, a strong, responsible male figure?

Fans are boycotting both CBS and ABC after the termination of Thomas Gibson. At the beginning of last season, Thomas’ fans boycotted Criminal Minds, and the ratings plummeted, but Gibson fans have since upped the stakes to include an across the board boycott of two networks.

Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing fans are outraged, but so are conservative people, whether they watched Allen’s show or not. What they believe is happening is an affront to at least half of Americans but potentially a lot more.

The Tim Allen boycott could be massive especially when coupled with the Thomas Gibson boycott already in progress. ABC and CBS can either give way or brace for a sharp decline in ratings.

Thomas Gibson fans at #NoHotchNoWatch are a great model for anyone staging a network boycott. Perhaps Thomas’ fans will inspire and advise the Tim Allen’s fans. Gibson fans have established a powerful network on Twitter, with regular Wednesday night meetings to maintain solidarity.

Tim Allen of Last Man Standing

The Tim Allen boycott should send a clear message to ABC, which had promised this sort of thing would not happen. In January, ABC pledged to push forward with shows that appealed to more conservative, family-oriented, rural, and blue collar Americans. Channing Dungey, the president of ABC Entertainment, is quoted from her January statement in USA Today.

“If we’re talking about diversity and inclusion, I want to make sure we’re inclusive of everyone. When you think about the name, we’re the American Broadcasting Company.”

Tim Allen and Thomas Gibson are evidence that this might not be the case when it comes to the network’s willingness to portray a strong male role model on television. While Criminal Minds airs on CBS, the show is co-owned by ABC, which distributes the show worldwide.

ABC will catch the boycott from both Thomas Gibson and Tim Allen fans as well as a massive conservative groundswell.

Thomas Gibson of Criminal Minds

Tim Allen and Thomas Gibson are icons of a demographic that has taken a beating. The blue-collar, middle-aged, rural demographic are in crisis, according to this from the Inquisitr, and especially the males who look to these characters as role models. Will men and those who love them lash out powerfully at CBS and ABC in defense of Tim and Thomas?

Are Tim Allen and Thomas Gibson a dying breed as representatives of masculinity? Isn’t middle and working class America hungry for just exactly what Tim and Thomas are? Doesn’t a glance at declining network ratings testify to this? Gibson and Allen represent an important demographic.


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Are Tim Allen and Thomas Gibson somehow outmoded simply because they are manly men who project traditional male roles as good husbands and fathers?

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