Mariah Carey Relationship: Is It All A Show Or Is Diva Torn Between Cannon And Tanaka? [Opinion]

It has been a bit of a relationship roller coaster for superstar songstress Mariah Carey, over the past year. Fans were all set to see the diva walk down the aisle to her former billionaire beau James Packer, yet the unthinkable happened when the businessman dumped Carey who soon reportedly found love with her 33-year-old backup dancer Bryan Tanaka.

What was suspicious is that the relationship happened during filming of the singer’s reality show Mariah’s World, and has been seen as a bit of a publicity stunt to help Carey’s image after being dumped by Packer. Instead of being portrayed as the down-and-out dumpee, Mariah was easily able to come across as having easily shaken off the split and seamlessly moved on in love.

What’s interesting is that even Carey’s own ex-husband Nick Cannon did not buy the relationship between the two. He and Mariah have always been amicable and Cannon always backs his superstar ex, yet he just could not get on board with this supposed romance. This was evidenced when Nick spoke with Howard Stern in recent months. US Weekly relays the details.

“First of all, I think the whole reality show is fake. I’m a producer, so I know how [it works]. Like, you can’t have a well-lit private conversation. Like, that s–t doesn’t happen. I don’t buy none of that s–t.”

The reality series showed how Mariah and Bryan began to get close while the relationship with James came to an end.

“According to Cannon, he’d rather not pay attention to Carey and Tanaka’s seemingly made-for-TV narrative. ‘I don’t even get into it. It feels like they wrote the story,’ he told Stern. ‘That s–t is like a soap opera.’”

It seemed as though Mariah had something to prove after Cannon slammed the romance with her backup dancer and although those who were skeptical, perhaps expected the relationship to be over soon after the show aired, Carey and Tanaka held on for a couple of months and took to social media to attempt to prove the legitimacy of their relationship. However, the relationship was soon mysteriously over after a few posts of the two looking cozy with one another.

Following the split, there were claims made that it was Cannon’s view of the relationship that caused Carey to end things with Tanaka. Mariah and her ex-hubby then turned heads seeing as they were spotted out on numerous occasions for date nights and acting more affectionate than usual. Nick even said that he and Mariah have always been “official” when questioned by reporters about the status of their relationship.

A few weeks later, it seems that Bryan Tanaka is back on the arm of the superstar and like a romance has been rekindled. Is it all publicity to keep onlookers watching and to make Mariah relevant on a constant basis?

Just Jared relays the latest sighting of Carey and her boy toy.

“The entertainer and her former flame, 34, who broke up back in April, were seen holding hands while leaving Nobu in Malibu, Calif. Bryan and Mariah haven’t confirmed they’ve gotten back together, they did post a throwback photo together over the weekend. Stay tuned to see if the couple make any official statements.”

Carey is a star who loves the spotlight and obviously loves to keep the masses guessing about her personal life. Whether or not she and Tanaka are simply spending time due to rehearsals and work or the two are firing things up again, it is yet to be confirmed. Perhaps it is simply a ploy to take eyes off she and Nick Cannon for the time being and to gain a bit more privacy for her little ones.

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