Barron Trump’s Plight All Too Familiar For Israel Prime Minister’s Son, Yair Netanyahu [Opinion]

Who would have thought that Donald and Melania Trump would be discussing the plight of their 11-year-old son, Barron Trump, while they are halfway around the world? When home in the United States, both Melania and the president are tight-lipped when it comes to bringing Barron’s name up in public.

The media has a tendency to twist almost anything that both Melania and the president say, so by staying mum about Barron, it’s the simplest way to protect him from being the subject of a misconstrued news article. It was when President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump were posing for photos in Israel that a voice from behind had some nice and encouraging words for the visiting dignitaries.

The very gracious and handsome son of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered his thoughts on a subject that hit very close to home for Melania and Donald Trump. Yair Netanyahu, the son of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, stepped into the picture to say how he can relate to what Barron Trump has gone through since being thrust into the limelight as the president’s son. You can see and hear the conversation in the video below.

For a few moments there, Yair Netanyahu bonded with Melania while explaining how his plight as the son of a world leader mirrored what he’s seen Barron go through as a child of a president. Prime Minister Netanyahu did the introductions of his family to President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump. This is when Yair Netanyahu opened up to both Donald and Melania about understanding the difficult time Barron is facing with his father being the president of the United States.

The prime minister’s third wife and Yair’s mother, Sara Netanyahu, echoed her son’s comments about his own plight as a child, according to the Daily Mail. Yair said that he was only 3 years old when the satires about him started. His mother corrected him by saying “5 years old.”

Barron's Plight Is understood by the son of Israel's prime minister

Sara Netanyahu told Melania that it was right after the election of her husband that she felt hurt over the treatment of her son. Sara said, “‘I feel the burn. Because he’s a child [and] doesn’t have any tools or ability to fight them.” Yair shared with Melania how he too remembers all the ridiculing bestowed upon him. Melania then offered up a piece of her own observations throughout life. She said to Yair, “It only makes you stronger. It makes you stronger.”

During this stop in Israel, both President Trump and Melania were able to talk to Prime Minister Netanyahu and his family without an interpreter being involved. The Netanyahu family seem to speak very fluent English, making conversations a bit more relaxed. Opposing Views calls this impromptu discussion a “rare personal interaction” that took place just as Trump and Netanyahu were getting ready for a press conference.

As you can see in the two pictures below, both Barron Trump and Yair Netanyahu have been in the public eye since they were tiny kids, but Donald Trump wasn’t a politician, so Barron wasn’t a child that the media were especially interested in, or at least not at the magnitude seen today. Yair is 25 years old now, so Barron has a lot of catching up to do, but it sounds as if Melania Trump’s words of wisdom rang true with the prime minister’s son. “It only makes you stronger.”

Prime Minister's son is all grown up now and he can relate to Barron's plight as a president's son

The conversation was on a personal level and it gave a little insight into the mindset of these two powerful families and how their children’s treatment in the press caused them much angst. Hearing these two sets of parents, along with Yair, talking about this very real problem seemed to lend evidence to the many reasons that children of politicians should be off-limits to the media and entertainment outlets. The effects are long-lasting and when the kids grow into adults, this is something they don’t forget.

For just a few moments, the world of politics stood still as parenting compliments were shared. When Yair is first introduced to the Trumps by his mom, he said, “I’m a big, big fan of both of you. I’ve heard about you so much from my mother … You know, I can relate a lot to what Barron is going through because I’ve been his age during my dad’s first term.”

Trump summed up Prime Minister Netanyahu and his wife as “great parents.” Pointing to Yair he said, “Look how he turned out. ” As the world of politics dictates, these two busy men had somewhere to be and the time came when it was obvious that Prime Minister Netanyahu needed to wrap it up and move on to the next point of business, which was the press conference with President Trump.

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