The Katy Perry and Taylor Swift Feud: Is It All In Our Heads? [Opinion]

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have been feuding since 2012. But it wasn’t always that way. From 2009 to 2011 they were besties. They tweeted sweet things at each other all the time. It was actually a little too sweet, but there is no doubt that there has not always been “bad blood” between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

So how did this mess get started anyway? Is this even a real feud?

According to Digital Spy, it started somewhere around the time when Katy Perry started dating John Mayer, Taylor’s ex-boyfriend. It didn’t end on the best of terms either because Taylor wrote at song called “Dear John” and it was on her album Speak Now.

Of course, it’s never been confirmed that John Mayer came between the two best friends. It also could have been the fact that Katy Perry kind of stole three of Taylor Swift’s dancers from her tour before it could finish. Lockhart Brownlee said that he and two other dancers (Leah Adler and Scott Myrick) were offered a spot on Perry’s tour, but the condition was that they would have to leave Swift’s tour before it was over. Since Lockhart said he had a closer relationship with Katy and wasn’t getting much dance time on Taylor’s tour, the three of them agreed to those terms.

katy perry taylor swift feud friends
Katy Perry and Taylor Swift hung out together with Russel Brand before the whole feud started [Image by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]

Shortly after the dancers decided to join team Katy, Taylor swift had them all over for an Independence Day party, but then she unfollowed all three of them on Twitter and they were cut from her tour!

After that, there wasn’t a whole lot said about it – until “Bad Blood” came out and Tay-Tay did that interview with Rolling Stone that pretty much aroused everyone’s curiosity. After that, it was pretty obvious. Taylor wouldn’t specify who the song was about, but she did tell Rolling Stone enough that people figured it out for themselves. She said it wasn’t about a guy, it was about business, and that the other person was a well-known music artist who had “tried to hire a bunch of people out from under me.”

That’s when the Twitter drama started. A snide Tweet here and there (and never specifically naming each other) made fans curious. Then there was the whole misunderstanding where Nicki Minaj tweeted about skinny girls in videos and Taylor thought it was about her and Katy jumped to Nicki’s defense and it was just out of hand.


The media asked questions, but neither of them would actually say anything bad about each other by using names. They just spoke cryptically about women treating women kindly and being nice to people and letting others get under your skin.

There were quiet times and there were times when the “feud” got heated up. Keep in mind, that Taylor and Katy only threw out an ember here and there. It was the media that has flamed it and kept it burning for all this time.

The feud got heated up again recently when Katy Perry released her single “Swish Swish” and the media and fans speculated that it was all about Taylor Swift. Ruby Rose jumped to Swift’s defense but Perry says the song is definitely not about Taylor.

katy perry taylor swift handshake
Taylor Swift and Katy Perry don't look like they are feuding here [Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]

Now, the funny thing is that all this time, they have still been following each other on Twitter. Refinery reported that Katy Perry and Taylor Swift still follow each other and gave some examples of other people that have noticed the same thing.

So, are Katy Perry and Taylor Swift actually enemies? Or maybe frenemies that follow each other on Twitter just so they can keep an eye on each other? Or is it possible that Katy and Tay-Tay are actually friends on the down-low?

Or maybe, just maybe there was some “bad blood” between them at some point, but they both got over it and outgrew their friendship and it is just the media and the fans that want to keep this whole “feud” going? I mean, we’ve got to talk about something, right? And if the media is talking about their feud that means that they aren’t talking about anything important, like their relationships and other more personal matter.

What do you think? Are Taylor Swift and Katy Perry actually enemies or is it all in our heads?

[Featured Image by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]