Donald Trump Encounters Glowing Orb, Worried Looking King, And Disgruntled Faces On Trip [Opinion]

Donald Trump has knocked their socks off on the other side of the globe with his speech on Sunday in Saudi Arabia. Today, he’s on the ground in Israel and hoping to have the same positive effect on the people of that country. While people back home remain mesmerized with everything Trump is saying and doing during this trip, a mystery has surfaced. Between the critiques of what the First Lady Melania Trump is wearing and how she’s remained true to American culture without a headscarf, a glowing orb is leaving unanswered questions.

Folks across the social media sites want to get to the bottom of this mysterious event that is seen in pictures taken of the president over the weekend. President Trump has his hands on a glowing orb, along with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud of Saudi Arabia.

The picture shows other people, including Melania Trump, looking on as these three men place both their hands on a bright glowing orb that appears to be symbolic of something. According to, the picture (below) went viral on Sunday night, and people across social media have made comparisons to something out of the Lord of the Rings to the organization from Marvel Comics called Hydra, which is an organization of villains.

The folks online had a field day with this picture of three grown men, all leaders of their countries, standing around an elaborate looking crystal ball. It isn’t a crystal ball — it is a globe shining a bright white light. Still, people want to know if it is a tool used to tell the future, just like a crystal ball. Another observation made by people online today is the facial grimace seen on the Saudi King’s face.

The King of Saudi Arabia is the man pictured in the middle of the shot of the glowing orb. The Saudi King was pictured often on-camera during Trump’s epic speech while he addressed the 50 or so Muslim leaders on Sunday. The man looked worried. People were quick to point out that King Salman looked a bit concerned as all three men had their hands on that glowing globe.

King Salman’s face was described by social media users as showing “worry” or at least some “apprehension.” As the Facebook post suggests below, “the guy in the middle looks like he’s worried they just released a demon.”

So what is up with this glowing orb? According to USA Today, Donald Trump “inspires new meme” pictured with that glowing orb. Trump’s biggest message during his Saudi Arabia speech was that countries needed to band together in order to fight terrorism. This is the message that he brought with him to the Middle East. That message worked well for the event he attended that entailed him touching that globe along with the president of Egypt and the Saudi king.

While he was in Saudi Arabia, they celebrated the opening of the Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology. With these three men together for the opening, all of whom are leaders of individual countries, putting their hands on that glowing orb was symbolic. It is a glowing globe of the Earth, not just an orb. The three men are banding together to fight terrorism, and their hands together on the globe was a symbolic gesture of this. It wasn’t such an exciting mystery after all. It might even be described as mundane.

The Saudi king looked a bit apprehensive at times during Trump’s visit. At one point, when he was sitting with Ivanka, you could almost read his mind with the facial expression he was sporting. Some social media users added their own comments to that picture in a box that is often used in comments to denote the thoughts of the person. “What is she doing here” was what one social media user suggested the king was pondering in this picture. You might say Ivanka didn’t look too enthused as well in the Facebook post below.

People were also having a field day with the look the Saudi king had on his face during Trump’s speech, as seen in the tweet below.

While the Saudi king’s face was seen often throughout Trump’s trip, Spector suggests the facial expressions on all 50 of the Muslim leaders in the audience for Trump’s speech didn’t look overly receptive. In case you were wondering if you were the only one to notice, Spector describes what was seen on the faces of those in attendance during Trump’s speech. They write,

“Throughout the speech television cameras panned the room showing the Muslim leaders’ facial expressions. They ranged from boredom to contempt, and not a few evinced anger. Near the beginning of his speech, the president paused on an obvious applause line and was greeted with silence.”

So if you thought you were seeing some disgruntled looking folks in the audience, you were not alone.

[Featured Image by Saudi Press Agency/AP Images]